"The course is absolutely WONDERFUL - it is making me feel more confident and comfortable in my food choices and mindful eating, and I am learning a great deal about nutrition for the body and mind". - Natalie, past student 


  • Build a better relationship with food?
  • Free yourself from food fear and food anxiety?
  • Stop obsessing over losing those last 5-15 pounds?
  • Care for your mind, body & spirit in a kind and compassionate way?
  • Finally make peace with your body and learn to love the skin you're in?

then you're ready for a Diet Culture Detox!

Creating a happy & healthy lifestyle is one of the most exciting, rewarding things you’ll ever do!

It can also be monotonous, frustrating, confusing, lonely and eventually hopeless ...

I know, because all of those feelings kept me on an emotional roller coaster as I tried time and time again to 'get healthy' in my early years. 

Every New Years, bikini-season, and birthday - I would vow to 'get healthy again'. 

You see, I thought I was doing it all right. 

I counted my calories, swore off sugar, and obsessively tracked everything I ate. 

I cut out dairy, increased my protein, and took all of my supplements religiously.

I weighed myself every morning, sometimes twice, and hit the gym five days a week. 

And every time, after about two weeks in, I found myself more and more discouraged as the number on the scale barley moved. 

As if all the hard work I was putting in was for nothing.

Eventually I gave up and went back to my old lifestyle (only after binging on an entire bag of cookies). 

Feeling guilty, shameful, and embarrassed, I was still unhappy with my body, and even more unhappy with myself. 

You don't have to keep making the same mistakes I made... 

After 7 years of studying in the field of nutrition... 

I learned that the key to 'getting healthy' was not following the rules diet culture set out... 

The key to getting healthy started in the mind and works its way down, mentally, physically and spirtually. 

After Diet Culture Detox, there will be: 

  • NO more calorie counting 
  • NO more questioning yourself and your choices
  • NO more obsessing over the number on the scale 
  • NO more wondering 'is this new diet is right for me?'
  • NO more eating food your DON'T like, or living without the food that you love
  • NO more time and money wasted on programs and supplements that do not work 

The PROVEN way to get healthy & stay happy, once and for all.

"I absolutely loved all of the lessons inside Diet Culture Detox. I have finally learned that food can be for both nourishment and pleasure and have become a more mindful eater. As I've gotten older, I am finally better at achieving a positive body image. And since I retired, I have really worked on eliminating negativity and choosing positivity - and I am so much happier! Thank you so much!" - Kate, past student

Diet Culture Detox is a step-by-step online training program designed to teach you how to break free from the diet trap in order to restore your mental & physical well-being through a non-diet, weight neutral, holistic lifestyle approach.  

All in just 30 minutes a day! 

MODULE 1 - Changing Your Mindset. Diet Culture Detox helps you to get healthy starting from the mind down, starting with changing your mindset. In this module you will find:  

  • Lesson One: An Introduction to Intuitive Eating – Learn about Intuitive Eating and how this practice will reconnect you to your inner wisdom. 
  • Lesson Two: Why Diet's Don't Work – The scientific reasons behind the reasons why diets don’t work and why it’s not your fault dieting has failed you in the past. 
  • Lesson Three: Health at Every Size – An introduction to the Health at Every Size movement and how you can learn to embrace and care for your health, starting today. 
  • Lesson Four: Why Weight Loss is Not the Goal – Learn about why weight loss is not the focus in this program, and why that is key to developing a truly healthy lifestyle.  

MODULE 2 - Relearning Intuitive Eating. Learn to trust your own intuition is the missing key in developing a long-lasting healthy relationship with food. In this module you will:  

  • Lesson Five: Why Individualization is Key – Learn that the secret to long-term success lies in finding what works for YOU and your individual wants and needs.
  • Lesson Six: Resisting Restriction – Restriction breeds obsession. Learn how resisting restriction will free you and allow you to be successful, once and for all. 
  • Lesson Seven: Satisfaction is the Solution – Satisfaction is the key to finding enjoyment and contentment in your healthy lifestyle.  
  • Lesson Eight - Heal Your Relationship With Food – You can’t move forward if you’re stuck in the past. Learn about how you can begin to heal your relationship with food so you can move on.  

MODULE 3 – Practical Nutrition Education. When it comes to nutrition, there is a lot of confusion about what is healthy. Learn the facts so you can make educated decisions about the food you consume that is right for your body and your lifestyle. In this module you will discover:  

  • Lesson Nine: Overcoming Food Fear and Food Anxiety – Learn how to overcome and fear and anxiety you have surrounding food and eating so you can learn to love food again. 
  • Lesson Ten: The Truth - Carbohydrates 101 – Get the scientific breakdown of what carbohydrates are, how they are used in the body, and how they play a role in your healthy lifestyle. 
  •  Lesson Eleven: The Truth - Fat 101 - Get the scientific breakdown of what fat is, the difference between heart healthy and unhealthy fats, and how fat can play a critical role in your optimal health. 
  • Lesson Twelve: The Truth - Protein 101 - Get the scientific breakdown of what protein is, how it is used in the body, and an in-depth discussion on the differences between animal and plant-based protein foods.  

MODULE 4 – Making Peace With Food. Learning to make peace with food is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when developing a long lasting, positive relationship with food. In this module you will learn:  

  • Lesson Thirteen: No One Right Way to Eat – The major mistake most people make is trying to eat like someone else. Learn that there is no ultimate one right way to eat, except for the one that works for you. 
  • Lesson Fourteen: Creating Your Food Philosophy – A food philosophy is your guiding compass that helps to steer your food making decisions. Learn how to go deep within yourself to develop your own guiding food philosophy.  
  • Lesson Fifteen: Mindful Eating & &he Eating Environment – Mindful Eating plays a critical role in learning to love, appreciate, and make peace with food. Learn how to adopt this practice that has been scientifically proven to help improve health outcomes. 
  • Lesson Sixteen: Developing a Positive Body Image – Making peace with food also requires you to make peace with your body. Get started developing a positive body image today.

MODULE 5 – Self-Love & Self-Care. Discover the missing component of a happy & healthy holistic lifestyle, the practice of compassionate Self-Care with three of the top experts in the field of health & wellness. In this module you will discover:  

  • Lesson Seventeen: Creating Your Self-Care Plan – Create your very own step-by-step Self-Care plan that you can utilize long after the program is over. 
  • Lesson Eighteen: Finding Exercise You Enjoy – Say goodbye to monotonous workouts! Led by celebrity dietitian Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT, Liz will walk you through how to discover and fall in love with exercise you enjoy. 
  • Lesson Nineteen: All About Yoga and Meditation – Harness the power of the mind body connection with dietitian and yoga extraordinaire Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT. Complete with over 60 minutes of personalized yoga sequences to help you start your practice today. 
  • Lesson Twenty: Essential Oils 101 – Discover the benefits of aromatherapy with Essential Oils Expert Kirsten Hicks, LMT. Kirsten will walk you through how to get started using essential oils to benefit your health.  

Specialized Training from TOP Experts in the Field!

Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT

Talk with Liz about discovering the joys of moving your body in new and unique ways!

Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT

Talk with Mandy about how yoga & meditation can bring both mental and physical joy to your life.

Kirsten Hicks, LMT

Talk with Kirsten about how Essential Oils and can help bring peace & better health to your life.

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"I have been so inspired by the lessons taught by Emily and by others in the community group. My favorite part of the program that it is full of sound advice that is very helpful in getting over my past relationship with food and dieting. I love the way the material is presented in such a bright, concise way. I like the idea that small changes that can be added together into a big result." - Fran, past student

Meet Emily Kyle - Founder of Diet Culture Detox & The School of Health & Happiness