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The Best Hashimoto’s & Hypothyroid Diet Recipes

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Get access to the best, easy, everyday recipes to take control of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s symptoms for long-term relief with these featured recipes from the three Hashimoto’s & Hypothyroidism cookbooks written by Emily Kyle.

The Best Hashimoto's & Hypothyroid Diet Recipes

The Thyroid Diet: What You Need to Know

The thyroid functions as a hormone-regulator, affecting many organs within the body.

When the thyroid is underactive, not enough hormones are being released, leading to problems beyond the thyroid.

Hashimoto’s disease, or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, is classified as an autoimmune disorder that often causes hypothyroidism, also known as an underactive thyroid.

Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid) occurs when the thyroid gland is not producing a sufficient level of thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). 

Can Thyroid Diets Help?

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is seen in around 5 out of 100 people and it is the most common reason why people experience hypothyroidism.

In the U.S., over 14 million people have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.

Women are more likely (about 8x to be exact!) to have Hashimoto’s than men.

The disease is more prevalent for women between the ages of 40 and 60.

Studies have found that genetic factors contribute to a person’s likelihood of developing the condition, in addition to environmental factors and other autoimmune disorders.

More recent studies have looked into nutrition as a factor in the development of Hashimoto’s.

While there is still a lot of research being done on nutrition and Hashimoto’s, researchers have found evidence that certain micronutrient levels play a role in the disease.

High iodine intake and deficiencies in selenium, iron, and vitamin D have been linked to Hashimoto’s.

Diet can also help in the treatment of Hashimoto’s disease, which is why I am proud to have authored three thyroid cookbooks:

Important Nutrients to Consider

The prevention and treatment of different diseases include a nutritional approach more and more these days.

The management of Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism is best when approached in a holistic lifestyle way.

People are becoming more proactive and the medical field is catching up to the philosophy that medical problems should be prevented rather than treated.

Medicine is becoming less reactive, and we have discovered that prescribing medications to treat a problem is not a long-term solution.

For those who are diagnosed with Hashimoto’s or any other autoimmune disorder, diet can make a difference and help to treat a disorder and therefore, relieve symptoms.

For those with Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism specifically, there are some key nutrients that it is important to be aware of.

Iodine for Hashimoto’s

Iodine intake is very tricky for people Hashimoto’s because individuals should take in less iodine, but it is also important to ensure you are consuming enough.

The main food sources of iodine are kinds of seafood (seaweed, scallops, shrimp, salmon, and tuna), animal products (yogurt, milk, eggs), and fruits like cranberries and strawberries.

You should also watch out for iodized salt, which is a major source of iodine.

Selenium for Hashimoto’s

People with Hashimoto’s can benefit from adding more selenium to their diet.

Selenium is found in soil and gets passed on to plants. Foods high in selenium are Brazil nuts, oysters, wild-caught tuna, sunflower seeds, high-quality pastured meats, and mushrooms.

Vitamin D for Hashimoto’s

People with Hashimoto’s are encouraged to increase their intake of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that supports the body’s absorption of calcium.

The easiest way to get vitamin D is to step outside into the sunshine!

However, those of us that live in places with cold, dark winters need to find other ways to get our vitamin D.

Food sources of vitamin D are fish, cod liver oil, wild-caught salmon, sardines, and organic dairy products.

Additional Nutrients to Consider for Hashimoto’s

Additionally, foods high in phytonutrients, quality fats, and probiotics are all beneficial to people with Hashimoto’s.

An overall nutritious diet full of fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and whole grains can benefit everyone, especially those with an autoimmune disorder.

While diet can help increase or decrease your intake of micronutrients, some patients may benefit from additional supplementation as part of an individualized treatment plan when working with their registered dietitian.

Should A Thyroid Diet be Gluten-Free?

There is no clear evidence that a gluten-free diet can prevent autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s.

However, a connection has been found between Hashimoto’s and Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder where the intake of gluten damages the small intestine.

Due to this finding, people with Hashimoto’s are advised to follow a gluten-free diet as a part of treatment, along with getting tested for Celiac disease.

Even if Celiac is ruled out, it is recommended that all Hashimoto’s patients abstain from gluten indefinitely.

Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye, and oats that are not certified gluten-free.

These grains are often in bread, pasta, cereals, and baked goods, to name a few.

Be sure to look for gluten-free certification, especially if you are diagnosed with Celiac disease or a gluten-free label on packaging at the grocery store.

The Best Hashimoto’s Diet & Thyroid Diet Recipes

Many of the recipes found here on my blog inspired the recipes that went into my first cookbook, The 30-Minute Thyroid Cookbook and my second cookbook co-authored with my husband, The Hashimoto’s AIP Cookbook.

Below you will find a collection of the best recipes containing foods good for thyroid support for a healthy Hashimoto’s diet, thyroid diet, thyroid healing, and more.

Drink & Breakfast Recipes

The most delicious drink, smoothie & breakfast recipes to help support a healthy thyroid & Hashimoto’s diet.

Honey & Ginger Warm Lemon Water
Stay hydrated and give your mood a gentle, uplifting boost with this naturally soothing honey and ginger warm lemon water recipe that can help you get back to feeling your best quickly.
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Homemade Hemp Seed Milk
Easily make your own creamy Homemade Hemp Seed Milk in under 30 minutes. Naturally vegan, gluten free, Paleo, Keto, and Whole30 approved.
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Green Dream Hemp Seed Smoothie
This Green Dream Hemp Seed Smoothie is a whole-food, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free smoothie that tastes amazing while delivering an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants. This smoothie includes options for infusing this drink with CBD oil if desired.
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Green Dream Hemp Seed Smoothie by Emily Kyle Nutrition
CBD Blueberry Lavender Anti-Anxiety Smoothie
Using natural ingredients like blueberries, lavender, and CBD oil, this delicious Blueberry Lavender Stress Relief Smoothie is the ultimate holistic cure for stress relief by combining ingredients that can naturally help ease stress, panic, and anxiety. This recipe is Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo, AIP recipe friendly, and Vegan.
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CBD Blueberry Lavender Anti-Anxiety Smoothie by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Homemade Non-Dairy Coconut Milk Yogurt
Delicious Homemade Lactose-Free Coconut Milk Yogurt can be made at home using the traditional method of combining liquid with ‘cultures’, or bacteria with coconut milk. This leads to fermentation, where the bacteria convert the sugar into lactic acid, giving the yogurt the traditional thickness and tang of yogurt.
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Turmeric Golden Milk Yogurt Bowl
Enjoy the amazing anti-inflammatory health benefits of turmeric in this high protein, easy-to-make Turmeric Golden Milk Yogurt Bowl that is naturally gluten-free and vegan- friendly.
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Turmeric Golden Milk Yogurt Bowl by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Instant Pot Golden Milk Quinoa Porridge
Naturally vegan and gluten free, this Golden Milk Quinoa Porridge Bowl is an anti-inflammatory, plant-based bowl of goodness with a warm, sweet flavor that will help you heal from the inside, out.
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Instant Pot Golden Milk Quinoa Bowl by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Bacon & ‘Eggs’ AIP Breakfast
This easy sheet-pan Bacon & 'Egg's AIP breakfast uses cauliflower to simulate eggs to provide the same traditional breakfast experience in an AIP-friendly way that is egg-free, Paleo, Keto, and gluten-free friendly.
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AIP Breakfast Recipes
Healthy Veggie Crustless Quiche
Learn how to make this simple, meal prep-friendly, healthy Veggie Crustless Quiche made with delicious spinach and asparagus, farm fresh eggs in an easy-to-make gluten-free Parmesan cheese crust.
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Sides, Sauces & Salads

The most delicious side dishes & sauce recipes designed to help support a healthy thyroid & enjoyable thyroid healing diet.

AIP & Whole30 Nightshade-Free BBQ Sauce
A Carolina-style barbecue sauce is made with vinegar and mustard, as opposed to the ketchup and molasses in traditional barbecue sauces. This sauce has a sweet, tangy flavor that pairs perfectly with grilled or smoked foods.
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AIP Nightshade Free BBQ Sauce
Horseradish Pickles – Quick Refrigerator Style
These spicy homemade horseradish pickles are bursting with bold horseradish flavor and a crispy fresh cucumber crunch for a delicious low-calorie, low-carb, gluten-free savory treat that satisfies every salty, spicy craving.
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Homemade Horseradish Pickles by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Purple Cabbage Pineapple Coleslaw
This fresh, easy to make coleslaw is sweet and naturally free of the top-8 food allergens, making it safe for everyone in the family to enjoy.
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Mango Jicama Prebiotic Salad
This naturally vegetarian, gluten-free Mango Jicama Prebiotic Salad is a light and refreshing salad made with fresh jicama, mango, and avocado that is also an excellent source of the prebiotic, inulin.
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Mango Jicama Salad by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Rainbow Chicken Salad
Taste the rainbow with this vibrant, high-protein, Rainbow Chicken Salad made with delicious fresh fruit for a hearty entree-style meal that is Paleo-friendly, naturally dairy and gluten-free.
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Rainbow Chicken Salad

Lunch & Dinner Recipes

The most delicious lunch & dinner recipes designed to help support a healthy thyroid & enjoyable Hashimoto’s diet.

Step by Step Guide to Rolling Fresh Spring Rolls
This Step by Step Guide to Rolling Fresh Spring Rolls will help you to learn how to make your own fresh spring rolls at home, so you can have perfect rolls every time. Naturally vegan, gluten-free and low FODMAP, these veggie packed spring rolls are bursting with flavor and nutrition and are sure to impress all of your dinner guests.
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Step by Step Guide to Rolling Fresh Spring Rolls by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Paleo Chicken Curry Soup
This light and delicious Paleo Chicken Curry Soup combines the fresh flavors of turmeric and coconut for a delicious comfort soup that pairs well with a salad or entree. Made with coconut milk, fresh green onions, and cilantro, this recipe is Paleo, AIP friendly, grain-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.
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Paleo Chicken Curry Soup
Turmeric & Coconut Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque
This smooth and creamy, vegan, gluten-free & Whole30 friendly Turmeric & Coconut Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque is an antioxidant packed, anti-inflammatory one-pot-wonder the whole family will love.
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This smooth and creamy, vegan & gluten-free Turmeric & Coconut Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque is an antioxidant packed, anti-inflammatory super bowl the whole family will love.
Rainbow Grilled Vegan Veggie Kabobs
Eat the rainbow with these beautiful plant-based Rainbow Grilled Vegan Veggie Kebab Skewers that are naturally vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, Paleo, allergen-friendly and packed with antioxidants, dietary fiber, and important vitamins & minerals.
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Rainbow Grilled Vegan Veggie Kebabs by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Fish en Papillote
This customizable fish en papillote recipe, cooked in either parchment paper or aluminum foil, is a quick weeknight meal that is versatile, naturally gluten-free, paleo, and AIP-friendly, and absolutely delicious.
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Greens & Beans Stuffed Mushrooms
Greens & Beans Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms features fresh kale, garlic, and lemon juice to create a hearty and delicious plant-based, meatless dish.
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Greens & Beans Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
Autumn Harvest Plant-Based Protein Power Bowl
Made with the goodness of kale, cranberries, chickpeas, quinoa, and squash, this sweet salad is packed with protein and flavor.
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Mediterranean Lamb Meatballs
Made with the Mediterranean flavors of kalamata olives, fresh herbs, and nutritious lamb, these Greek Lamb Meatballs are the perfect dairy-free, gluten-free, high-protein snack, appetizer or main course.
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Greek Lamb Meatballs
Black Tea & Orange Rubbed Roasted Rack of Lamb
Learn how to quickly and easily cook a rack of lamb with this Black Tea & Orange Rubbed Roasted Rack of Lamb recipe with an Orange Mint Pan Jus Sauce. This recipe is a high-protein, nutrient-dense, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, keto, and AIP-friendly meal.
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How to Cook Rack of Lamb by Emily Kyle

Sweet Treats

The most delicious sweet treat recipes designed to help support a healthy thyroid & enjoyable Hashimoto’s diet.

Sweet Potato & Coconut Chia Seed Pudding
Naturally vegan and plant-based, this delicious Sweet Potato & Coconut Chia Seed Pudding is a natural healing, anti-inflammatory treat that tastes as good as it will make you feel.
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Sweet Ginger & Coconut Chia Seed Pudding by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Healthy CBD or THC Gummies Made With Concentrate
These delicious fruit gummies are made with just 3 whole food ingredients: fruit, water, and gelatin contain no dyes or artificial flavors​ and can be easily infused with CBD or THC concentrate for a relaxing, healthy edible experience.
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Healthy Homemade CBD Gummies by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Dairy-Free Mango Crème Brûlée
This creamy custard is bursting with good nutrition, a beautiful vibrant color, and of course, delicious taste. A fresh take on the classic French dessert, this modern Dairy-Free Mango Crème Brûlée is gluten-free, lactose-free, coconut-based and Paleo friendly.
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Dairy Free Mango Creme Brulee Emily Kyle
Vegan Cannoli Dip
Vegan Cannoli Dip made of almonds, cashews, pistachios and coconut milk.
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Vegan Cannoli Dip by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Raspberry Avocado Chocolate Pudding
This Raspberry Avocado Chocolate Pudding delicious, whole-foods based dessert that tastes so good you would never know is vegan, gluten-free, and nutrient-dense.
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Raspberry Avocado Chocolate Pudding
Black Raspberry Nice Cream
Made with fresh berries, fresh mint, and bananas, this no-churn nice cream is just as creamy and delicious as regular ice cream, making it the perfect summertime treat to be enjoyed in a bowl, cone, or as a yummy popsicle.
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Black Raspberry Ice Cream

Spaghetti Squash Chicken Parmesan by Emily Kyle Nutrition
Spaghetti Squash Chicken Parmesan
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