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Do you need to speak with a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner & Registered Dietitian Nutritionist regarding your personal health struggles with anxiety, pain, and/or inflammation? This 1-hour consultation will offer answers to your burning questions, provide appropriate support and resources for your current situation, and provide personalized recommendations on how to safely use CBD or Medical Cannabis along with Medical Nutrition Therapy to manage anxiety, pain, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. 

1-Hour Session $225 / 30-Minute Follow-Up $75



Are you struggling with the debilitating symptoms of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions? Do you suspect your food is making you sick? Do you feel helpless with the options offered by our current healthcare system? Are you desperate for answers, but not sure where to turn? This intensive 3-month program pairs MRT Food Sensitivity Testing along with the implementation LEAP Protocol with Cannabis interventions to provide the quickest, most effective symptom relief. 

3-Month Program $2,100


  • "I want to stop letting my daily anxiety affect my day-to-day lifestyle.”
  • “I want to stop allowing my anxiety to control me, and learn how to control my anxiety.”
  • “I want to make a step towards change, but I’m scared because I don't know anything about how to use natural remedies to mamage my anxiety.” 
  • "I don't know if these prescription medications are helping or making me worse. There must be a better option. I've heard of people using CBD or cannabis to manage their anxiety, but I don't know where to get support." 

Meet Emily Kyle

Hello, I’m Emily Kyle. After years of struggling to manage my own anxiety, depression, and severe mood swings with conventional treatment and prescription medications, I finally turned to the cannabis plant to find relief of my symptoms. Like so many of the women I help introduce safe CBD and cannabis use to, I discovered incredible relief, allowing me to reclaim my daily joy and productivity.  

While I was once afraid of judgement, I now live my life to the fullest thanks to my safe and responsible cannabis use, while simultaneously breaking the long-held social stigma of female cannabis users. As a mother, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Certified Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, you can rest assured knowing that I understand you and your struggles.  

From just knowing where to get started to overcoming bigger hurdles like using cannabis to manage chronic health conditions, I can help you to overcome your biggest health struggles and live a life of holistic wellness - free from anxiety, pain and inflammation with responsible cannabis use.