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Join me for a sneak peek inside The Millennial Garden and the hatching of our new baby chicks.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

Inside The Millennial Garden

Just when I thought time couldn’t go any faster, I realized that June has come and gone. The first month is summer is always my favorite – from perfect weather to finally getting the garden planted.

And this month we had something extra super special happen at The Millennial Garden – we welcomed seven new baby chicks to our flock!

Now we do not have any Roosters, which means that the eggs we get from our hens everyday are not fertilized.

So one day, I realized that my favorite chicken Goldie was acting a bit funny. She wouldn’t come out of the nest box and she was stealing all of the other eggs from the other girls. A quick Google search led me to understand that she was “broody” meaning she wanted a baby – and she wanted one now.

Well, thankfully, what I love the most about living in a small town, is that I only needed to make a few calls (who am I kidding, I don’t call – texts) and withing 24 hours a kind farmer from down the road hand delivered us 8 eggs. He said that he had a pretty active rooster, so at least a few should be fertilized.

One June 5th I gave her the eggs and she sat on them 24/7 – only getting up to go to the bathroom, eat or drink once every three days – until finally on June 25th (21 days later just like the books said) – the babies started hatching!

Catch Up: Inside The Millennial Garden May 2018

Welcome, Baby Chicks!

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

We welcomed seven sweet baby chicks to our family, and to my surprise – Goldie is the best mom ever! It is heart warming to watch her care for the babies – and awesome for me because I don’t really have to take care of them!

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

We took these pictures when the babies were about 4 days old. It was a whirlwind – we only kept them away from mom for about 15 minutes and everyone freaked out the whole time. Thankfully my mom came over to help us with the shoot – to wrangle the babies and to wangle Ran.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

And speaking of Ransom, no one loves those babies more than this kid. He is a proud “chicken brother” and it truly has been SO sweet to watch him with them.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

Unfortunately, as with all farm life and life in general, we did have one fatality.

It was awful actually.

The baby got loose out of the cage because they’re so tiny they can slip through things easily. I was trying to catch it and put it back in the coop when Ran tripped and accidentally landed right on the baby.

Luckily, it died right away. But I still tried to give it tiny chest compressions and a little shake – but nothing.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

Ransom was absoutley devestated. Not in a crying type way, but a very quiet, reserved type way where I could see him really thinking about what had just happened.

He was sad for a few days and finally mustered up the courage to tell his father (who of course was not mad).

I can only hope that sweet babies life was to help me, and to help Ransom, understand the gravity of life and death. To understand how fragile life can be.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

So we now have six perfect babies. It’s fun because they’re all different colors, with one dark brown one. I will never know what their breed is because they came from another farm, but I swear Goldie has no idea she is actually a surrogate/adoptive mother.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

Trust me when I say we have absoutley no idea what we are doing. We rely on Google and one really good book to help us along, but really, its just trial and error – learning as you go.

I always encourage other people who want to start a garden or get chickens of their own to just go out and do it! You learn from experience, and just like everything in life – there really is no perfect time for anything.

In The Millennial Garden

The garden got off to e VERY late start this year. We typically like to have everything planted on Memorial Day Weekend, right around the 1st of June and this year we didn’t get everything in until 2 weeks later.

We fretted at first – but hey, what are you going to do? Just hope for a late Fall and move on.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

We had a really great year with our Strawberries. This is a hanging strawberry plant, but we also have a lot planted in the garden itself. I don’t think I ever ate one though – Ransom would run out every morning and snatch them all before anyone else had the chance.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

A huge shout out to my mom who came over to help us with the photoshoot that day! She took some amazing pictures (with a little direction from me).

My mom is where I got my love for gardening, so this picture was special to capture with her and Ransom in the Raspberry patch.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

Speaking of Raspberries, ours are doing phenominal! We have so many that I am thinking of opening a You-Pick berry station in the coming years. We have these raspberries in the raspberry patch, but we also have TONS of wild blackberries all across the property to enjoy.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

Little lucky duck Ransom got a brand new swing set! Not really brand new, actually free from my dads friend who was looking to get rid of it!

His grandchildren got to enjoy it for many years, so we transported it, set up a safe mulch area underneath – and now Ransom has a new favorite play area.

Yay for being thrifty!

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

This is one half of our garden. I think this picture is a little deceptive because it is actually quite large. Honestly, I wish I could tell you what we planted, but it was so hot that I just wanted to get it done ASAP and didn’t keep good records of what got planted where.

I know we planted in here: broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, celery, bell peppers, a million kinds of hot peppers for my husband, zucchini, yellow squash, too many tomato plants and lots of herbs and spices.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

This is the second half of the garden – the melon and squash garden. We give them lots of space to grow, as they will need it in the coming months.

I know we planted in here: cantaloupe, watermelon, acorn squash, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, pumpkins, and cabbages.

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

And of course, my little house. I think my neighbors must hate us because it has taken two years for the new siding to get finished – but I keep telling myself it just makes the wait that much more worth it 😉

Sorry neighbors!

Inside the Millennial Garden June 2018

And finally – note to self. Plant more flowers next year!! This is all I have blooming right now, and while its pretty – I need something pink 😉

Thank you for joining me in this second post in what I hope to be a monthly series! I would love to hear from you, what are you growing in your garden, or what do you hope to grow in the future? Let me know in the comments below!

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