Must-Have Maple Syrup Collecting Supplies

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This beginner’s guide to making backyard maple syrup includes tips, tricks, and important must-have maple syrup supplies so you can be ready and prepared to make homemade maple syrup from your very own backyard maple trees.

Homemade Backyard Maple Syrup

We will start this post by saying that we are not maple syrup experts by any means. We are just two modern-day homesteaders who like to tend to our garden, take care of our chickens, and explore new homesteading projects.

Our new project this Spring was taking an attempt at making homemade maple syrup from our backyard maple trees. We were surprised how relatively easy the process was and are pleased with the nearly 1 gallon of maple syrup we produced.

Collecting maple sap is a green, environmentally sustainable process that can be enjoyed by anyone with a healthy, mature maple tree in their backyard.

We think other people should enjoy the magic of their backyard maple trees and give homemade maple syrup a try, so we put together this list of all the most important maple syrup supplies we needed – from tree to bottle.

Maple Syrup Supplies

Maple Syrup Supplies

Below you will find all of the maple syrup supplies we needed in order to collect the sap from the trees in our backyard, boil the sap down into syrup, and then pack and can the homemade maple syrup for future use.

Supplies for Tapping the Maple Tree

Below you will find the most important supplies needed to tap your maple tree and collect the sap. This includes a drill, a properly sized drill bit, a mallet, a spile, and a hook.

Supplies For Collecting the Sap

Supplies for Cooking Maple Syrup

Supplies for Canning or Storing Maple Syrup

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