Are you obsessed with losing those last 10-15 pounds?

Do you want to finally make peace with your body?

Are you ready to heal your relationship with food?

Have you tried every other diet and weight loss program out there and still find yourself stuck, sad and miserable? 

The School of Health & Happiness is a one of a kind online training program designed to help you restore your mental and psysical wellbeing through a nondiet, weight neutral, holistic lifestyle approach.

Throughout your 5-week journey you will learn how reshape your mind to change the way you currently view yourself and diet culture so you can move forward in creating a life that brings you health, happiness, and joy.

This 5-week long online training program is designed to teach you how to live a wellbalanced, holistic lifestyle that you truly enjoy. 

The lessons you will learn in this program draw from the fundamentals of intuitive eating, the practice of mindful eating, and evidenced based nutrition science in order to restructure the way you view health and wellness and apply it to your current lifestyle. 

The cirruculum is based upon three core pillars that have been identified as key to helping you develop a long lasting happy & healthy lifestyle.

Three Core Pillars

Each week the program will introduce you to a new concept, called a Module. Each module contains four indepth video training lessons to support your understanding of the new concept. 

The lessons you will learn over the next five weeks will help you to discover what is holding you back from loving yourself, mind, body and spirit. You will uncover what is holding your back from having a pleasurable relationship with food and from living a life you truly enjoy so you can grow & move forward.

The next enrollment period will open for enrollment on April 10th with the first day of class starting April 24th. 


If you're a woman who is sick of dieting and ready to get healthy once and for all, you've found the right place.

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“I've been dieting successfully for nearly 2 years - counting calories every day. Now that I'm near my weight loss goal, this program is helping me transition to a healthy lifestyle where I focus on healthy food choices over counting! Emily is a wonderful guide to making healthy choices and taking care of yourself." 

- Laurie

"I have already recommended this to many friends and I always say that Emily's ideas are great! I also say that she tries really hard to listen to people's specific needs and incorporate that into all that she does. I like that each week there is something new to learn and try. I also like that Emily incorporates ideas for holidays and get togethers. " 

- Jennifer

"I get inspired by the lessons by Emily and others in the community group. My favorite part of [school] that it is full of sound advice that is very helpful in getting over my past relationship with food and dieting. I love the way the material is presented in such a bright, concise way. I like the idea that small changes that can be added together into a big result."

- Fran

"This program offers tips that make it easy to make small lifestyle changes instead of trying to do everything all at once. It's not a diet or a gimmick, it's real advice from a professional in the field of nutrition. If you don't want to keep yo-yo dieting or buying expensive products you should try this, Emily gives real advice for every day life - and you don't have to restrict anything." 

- Alyssa, past student

I'm Emily, a plant-loving, whole foods dietitian who believes that all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle, but natural and wholesome foods deserve to be front and center of every plate! 

I have spent the past 7 years studying nutrition science, earning my title as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and working with hundreds of women just like you to help them acheive the health and happiness they never thought they would find.

I have taken everything I have learned over the years, as well as my own personal experiences with disordered eating and distorted body image, to create The School of Health & Happiness, so now you can also find the peace you have been looking for all of these years.

I am dedicated to helping you get healthy, and stay happy, without ever having to diet again! 

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