Cannabis infusion machines are perfect for those who want a quick and easy way to make cannabis edibles. This guide will review the six most commonly recommended infusion machines, their pros and cons, and offer coupon codes, so you can pick the option that is best for you.

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A Machine To Make Edibles

If you are new to making cannabis edibles, you know that it can sometimes feel overwhelming and time-consuming.

For traditional edibles like brownies or cookies, first, you must decarb your flower.

Then, you will need to infuse butter or oil, which can take several hours.

Only then can you use what you’ve made to make your homemade edibles.

Maybe you’ve wondered if there’s a better, quicker way to make edibles at home?

If this is the case, you might find an infusion machine handy! These machines can bring ease and convenience to the entire process.

But, with so many machines out there, I know it can be hard to know which one to pick.

That is why in this guide, I have reviewed the most highly recommended cannabis infusion machines recommended by real consumers, AND get my exclusive coupon codes to help save you money! 

Do You Need An Infusion Machine?

An infusion machine is just that, a machine that does the work for you by infusing cannabis into butter or oil.

Many infusion machines will also decarboxylate the CBD or THC for you, although not every machine offers this benefit.

While these processes can easily be done without fancy equipment inside your kitchen, many prefer the ease of a done-for-you machine.

These machines remain extremely popular inside my Cannabis Community for those who want an extremely easy and convenient way to make edibles.

Unfortunately, many different infusion machines are on the market today, making it difficult to know which one to invest in.

This guide will run through the pros and cons of each machine and include suggestions from my community members so you can decide what machine will be the best investment for you.

We will review the following machines:

Note: These infusion machines are not to be confused with extraction machines, like the Source Turbo, used to make homemade tinctures and concentrates.

Ardent Machines

Ardent Cannabis remains one of the most highly recommended brands in my community, AND I also have a coupon code EMILY30 to help save you $30 off your purchase!

A graphic showing the Ardent FX cannabis infusion machine with text describing the benefits

Ardent offers one amazing machine, the Ardent FX.

This machine decarbs the cannabis and infuses it into butter or oil.

However, what gets people extra excited about the FX machine is that you can bake directly in it. That is why they call it the Easy-Bake Ardent.

The FX is so big that you can make mini cakes, pies, and tarts right in the machine!

Ardent Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Decarbs AND Infuses AND bakes all in one
  • Pro: Its larger capacity makes the FX perfect for large batches
  • Pro: Ardent has a helpful website with great resources
  • Pro: My community members report a great overall experience with great customer service
  • Pro: I have a coupon code available! Use EMILY30 at checkout to save $30
  • Con: The Ardent FX is the highest-priced infusion machine reviewed here

Price: The FX retails for $350. You can purchase directly on Ardent’s website. Don’t forget to use the code EMILY30 to save $30!

LĒVO Machines

The original LĒVO got great reviews, so the brand created the new and improved LĒVO II and LEVO C, and I have a coupon code EMILYKYLE to help save you 10% off your purchase!

A picture of Emily Kyle with a LEVO machine used to make cannabutter.

This machine is sleek and stylish and comes in five different colors to match your kitchen decor.

It comes with three different settings: dry, activate, and infuse.

With the activated setting, you can easily decarb up to 1/4 ounce of cannabis at once. You can double that capacity with an extra add-on. 

With the infusion setting, you can infuse up to 19 ounces of butter or oil at once.

This means that you’ll have plenty of cannabis-infused oil in no time, so you can get to cooking sooner.

The LĒVO II is great for people who want to make small batches of high-quality oil all in one high-tech machine. 

LĒVO Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Decarbs AND Infuses AND strains
  • Pro: Its smaller capacity makes it perfect for smaller, craft batches of oil
  • Pro: I have a coupon code available! Use EMILYKYLE at checkout to save 10% off your entire order.
  • Pro: If you aren’t 100% satisfied in the first 100 days after your purchase, you can return your LĒVO
  • Con: My community members report long wait and shipping times (6-8 weeks)

Price: The LĒVO II retails for $299.99. You can purchase it on the LĒVO website.  Don’t forget to use the code EMILYKYLE to save 10%!

Magic Butter Machine (MBM)

The Magic Butter MB2e Machine is one of the most popular infusion machines on the market, and you can get it right from Amazon.

An image of the Magical Butter Machine and all of the accessories that come with it including the owners cookbook

These devices have a long lifespan and are very reliable.

It’s important to know, though, that the MB2e does not have a setting to decarb your cannabis, so if you want a machine that does that for you, this isn’t a good choice.

The company offers an add-on for decarbing, but you’ll still have to use your oven. 

The best part about the Magic Butter Machine MB2 is its capacity. You can infuse up to five cups (40 ounces) of oil at once.

Huge batches are great if you want to stock up on cannabis oil or plan to make a lot of edibles. 

MBM Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Infuses butter, oil, AND tinctures
  • Pro: Its larger capacity makes it perfect for bigger batches of oil or tincture
  • Pro: The Magical Butter Kit comes with two gummy trays, one butter tray, and a master pack spatula set
  • Pro: Can be purchased on Amazon with Prime shipping
  • Con: Does not decarboxylate

Price: The Magic Butter Machine MB2 retails for $259.95. You can purchase the Magic Butter Machine MB2 from Amazon here.

STX Infuzium 420 Machine

Many of my community members recommended the Infuzium 420, a fully automatic and state-of-the-art microprocessor.

An image of the STX Infuzium 420 Machine and all of the accessories that come with it including silicone butter molds

This machine infuses by milling, blending, heating, and steeping the herb precisely at the correct temperature and in the correct sequence each time.

The Infuzium 420 is durable, user-friendly, and safe, with features like an overheating auto shut-off and a self-cleaning function.

Perfect for those who want to make smaller batches, the Infuzium 420 allows you to explore your butter, oil, & tincture, infusing imagination with as little as 1 cup of butter.

STX Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Infuses butter, oil, AND tinctures
  • Pro: Its smaller capacity makes it perfect for smaller, craft batches of oil or tincture
  • Pro: Also includes 4 purifier filters, a silicone butter mold, a silicone kitchen mitt, 3 silicone spatulas, 2 square gummy molds, the Infuzium 420 Cookbook
  • Pro: Can be purchased on Amazon with Prime shipping
  • Con: Does not decarboxylate

Price: The STX Infuzium 420 Machine retails for $159.80. You can purchase directly from Amazon

Herbal Infuser (HI) Machine

The Herbal Infuser machine has been recommended several times in my cannabis community as well.

An image of the Herbal Infuser Machine and all of the accessories that come with it including silicone mitts

Designed with proprietary technology for maximum potency, speed, and simplicity, this machine is one of the most cost-effective way to utilize herbs to their fullest capacity.

The Herbal Infuser can help you make months’ worth of herbal infusions with a single infusion process.

The Herbal Infuser has been modeled to fit perfectly on a counter or table, as well as have an attractive appearance that will be the center-piece of your kitchen.

HI Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Infuses butter, oil, AND tinctures
  • Pro: Has many different powerful and efficient infusion cycles, including no-heat options
  • Pro: Also includes a 2-stage filtration system, a metal strainer, an organic hemp filter, a measuring cup & recipe book
  • Pro: Can be purchased on Amazon with Prime shipping
  • Con: Does not decarboxylate

Price: The Herbal Infuser retails for $149.99. You can purchase directly from Amazon


Instead of spending all your free time making edibles or buying expensive pre-packaged ones, make your own!

With these infusion machines, what used to take all day will now take just a few hours.

To understand which machine is right for you, think about your budget, and how much of a capacity you need.

Read some reviews inside the Well With Cannabis Community and do a little personal research before purchasing. 

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  1. The Ardent FX is awesome! I was given one to test out. I used to make all of my butter in a miniature bread machine oven with a digital thermostat. The oven kept great temperature and could be used for both decarb and infusion. Since I’ve been using the Ardent I won’t look back. The Ardent is simple and very efficient. The silicon pour lid and press are a must have. Clean up is simple. Everything is dishwasher safe. It’s an amazing product.

  2. Hi Joe. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback on the Ardent FX! It’s awesome to hear that you’ve had such a positive experience with it. Happy infusing!

  3. Hi Julie. I’m so glad to hear that you love your Levo II! It’s unfortunate that your lid broke, but it’s great to know our customer service team was able to quickly resolve the issue and replace your machine under warranty. Enjoy your Levo II. We appreciate your feedback!

  4. I did purchase the Levo II. I love it but my lid broke. Customer service is excellent & the machine was replaced because it was under warranty.