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Discover how to live Well With Cannabis with Emily Kyle, your trusted resource for cannabis education, delicious edible recipes, and high-quality products trusted by millions of readers each year.

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How Can I Help You?

Many people turning to cannabis are looking for the same thing, pain relief, anxiety relief, better sleep, and a healthier lifestyle. Let me help you get started with these curated guides.

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Cannabis Drinks Made Simple

Hello & Welcome 👋

My name is Emily Kyle, and it is my mission to teach you how to harness the power of the cannabis plant to naturally manage the stress of everyday life so you can bring back joy, build better relationships, and live a better quality of life. Cannabis changed my life, and it can change yours, too.

How-To Guides

Are you just getting started on your cannabis journey? Start with my most popular articles, resources, and how-to guides designed to help you get started on your cannabis journey.

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New Podcast Episodes

Have you ever felt alone on your cannabis journey? Never feel alone again when you tune into this uplifting show. Check out my most recently published interviews on the Well With Cannabis Podcast.

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New On The Blog

What is new here? Check out the most recent recipes and articles designed to help you live your best life with cannabis.

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Want to make your own edible recipes at home? I can help with that! Here you will find the most popular cannabis recipes that you can make at home! Get you started creating delicious edibles in your own kitchen today.

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Checkout My Cookbook

Looking to master the art of making cannabis-infused drinks? My Cannabis Drinks Made Simple Cookbook will teach you how to make THC and CBD drinks that bring you joy, relaxation, and nourishment.

Infusions & Extractions

The easiest way to make your own edibles at home? Starting with the basics! Here you will find the most important staple cannabis infusion and extraction recipes that can help you easily make edibles at home.

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Topical Cannabis Recipes

Treat your skin right with the most luxurious cannabis topical recipes featuring new and traditional recipes with various cannabis-infusion options.

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