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Honey, Ginger Lemon Water Recipe + Benefits

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Stay hydrated and give your mood a gentle, uplifting boost with this naturally soothing honey and ginger warm lemon water recipe that can help you get back to feeling your best quickly.

Honey & Ginger Warm Lemon Water

Ginger, Lemon & Honey Water Benefits

Ginger, lemon & honey – when these natural ingredients come together, they create a simple, delicious drink that can help you start feeling better from the inside out.

In this article, you will find a quick explanation of each ingredient’s health benefits: lemon, honey, and ginger.

I will aslo share my thoughts as a dietitian nutritionist on using this recipe as a detox drink for weight loss purposes.

At the end of this article, you will find my recipe and method for how you can prepare this drink from the comfort of your own home.

Happy Sipping!

Why Honey & Ginger Warm Lemon Water?

So how did this become my favorite, go-to drink of choice?

One day I was so sick and nauseous that I couldn’t even think about drinking my morning coffee.

I am an avid tea drinker and even that wasn’t going to do it for me.

So I brewed a cup of hot water, added a slice of lemon, a chunk of ginger, and a spoonful of honey and the rest was history.

I discovered how to get rid of a stomach ache in 5 minutes, and my love affair with ginger lemon tea had begun.

Health Benefits by Ingredient

Here is a breakdown of honey, lemon, and ginger’s benefits and why each one helps make this lemon ginger water elixir so soothing.

Benefits of Lemon

One of the most beloved, widely available citrus fruits is the lemon, known for its bright yellow color and tart and vibrant taste.

Citrus fruits, like lemon, have traditionally been used in ancient medicine for thousands of years.

Not only are lemons rich in vitamin C, the vitamin we all turn to try and fend off the common cold, but they are full of pectin, a natural fiber found in fruit.

They add a delicious tartness to this warm water drink.

Thankfully you can control how tart you want this water to be based on how long you let the lemons steep in hot water.

Benefits of Honey

For those who are just starting out with warm lemon water, the tart taste of lemon juice may be too overwhelming first thing in the morning. 

That is where honey comes in.

Honey is a naturally soothing ingredient that contains nutrients and enzymes that have been used in natural remedies for thousands of years.

Unlike white, refined sugars, honey is considered to be a more wholesome all-natural sweetener.

Traditional honey commonly purchased at the grocery store has been processed, pasteurized, and may be chemically refined, destroying many of the most important health-promoting properties.

Raw honey has not been processed or filtered, leaving most of the health benefits intact.

If locally made honey is available to you, I absolutely recommend getting it for this recipe.

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger may be one of the longest-used natural stomach ache remedies, with its use for its anti-nausea properties being traced back to ancient times.

Ginger has been anecdotally reported to help with both a stomach aches as well as nausea related morning sickness.

If you’re new to using raw ginger in the kitchen, have no fear.

This long and knobby rhizome may seem difficult to use at first, but it’s just like any other produce item once you get comfortable.

To prepare raw ginger for this tea, I use a vegetable peeler to peel off the outside flesh and thinly slice the bare-root.

Lemon Ginger Honey Detox Drink

Just one quick peek into Pinterest under the search ‘Warm Lemon Water’ and this is what you get:

Easy Detox! Lemon Water Fat Burner! Drink Your Way to Weight Loss! Detox to Get Rid of Stomach Fat! Lose 22 pounds in 2 weeks!

It seems that more and more often, we are turning to ‘detoxing,’ ‘cleansing,’ and drinking special drinks in hopes of seeing rapid weight loss.

But the truth is, one single ingredient or one single recipe does not have the magical healing abilities to make you feel better or shed excessive amounts of weight.

It is important to note that weight loss itself is not the single answer to good health.

In fact, the secret to achieving good health lies in the ability to look past simple weight loss and focus instead on health-promoting behaviors.

As for detoxing, thankfully, the human body is in a constant state of detox every second of every day.

It is the liver and kidneys’ physiological function to rid the body of toxins and other foreign materials.

If the human body is capable of the most thorough and natural form of detoxing, why do so many turn to, and spend a lot of money on, claims that a certain drink or supplement will detox their body?


Everybody is looking for a quick fix, and so-called ‘experts’ claim that if you buy their product you will magically detox your body and subsequently shed unwanted weight.

Fortunately, there are simple, natural ways to aid in the body’s natural detoxification process – through proper nutrition and self-care, rather than expensive drinks with no scientific backing or proof of effectiveness.

So my question to you is:

Would you rather spend money to ‘detox’ with the aid of a drink or supplement designed for the sole purpose of generating income for the inventor, or would you rather invest your money and energy into seeking out the most nutritious, whole, and natural foods, which naturally to aid the human body in the natural detoxification pathway?

We need to stop looking towards quick fixes and understand that a truly healthy lifestyle is based on the foundation of mostly organic, natural, plant-based foods that will help optimize our health.

soothing Honey & Ginger Warm Lemon Water

How To Make A Lemon Ginger and Honey Drink

I love the taste of warm lemon water with honey and ginger and I am now drinking a significantly greater amount of water than I ever was before.

My healthy lifestyle is largely dictated by efficacy and preparation, which is why I prepare everything I need for my lemon water ahead of time.

Usually, over the weekend I will take 10 minutes to wash and slice my lemons and peel and slice my ginger.

While I don’t always use organic produce, I do try to buy organic lemons for my water because I add the entire rind and keep it in there all day long.

I prefer to use a tea kettle for boiling my water, but any option you have works.

I also keep the same piece of ginger and the same lemon rind in my travel cup all day long and just refill with warm water as I go about my day.

This is what personally works for me, but you need to find what works best for you.

Feel free to adjust the amounts of each ingredient as needed, based on your own personal taste preferences.

Honey & Ginger Warm Lemon Water

Stay hydrated and give your mood a gentle, uplifting boost with this naturally soothing honey and ginger warm lemon water recipe that can help you get back to feeling your best quickly.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Drink Recipes
Cuisine American
Servings 1 cup (8 ounces)
Calories 5 kcal


  • 1 large organic lemon washed, sliced thin, seeds removed
  • 1/2 inch piece of fresh ginger peeled and thinly sliced
  • 8 ounces nearly boiling water*
  • 1 teaspoon raw, honey


  • Add lemons and ginger to the bottom of your favorite cup.
  • Pour hot water into the cup.
  • Stir in honey as desired. Enjoy!


*Temperature Note: Adding raw honey to boiling water will denature some of the most important health-promoting properties. When preparing this recipe, wait until the water is cool enough to sip comfortably before stirring in your honey to assure you are reaping all of the available benefits (around 180°F).


Calories: 5kcal

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