Today, we’re diving into a truly inspiring story with our guest, Beth Jasinski, who’s found an unexpected ally in her fitness journey: cannabis. Join us as we explore how this unconventional tool has transformed her wellness routine and how it might just do the same for you.

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  • Release Date: Monday, October 2, 2023
  • Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 54
  • Special Guest: Beth Jasinski, founder of

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Why You Will Love This Episode

In this episode, meet Beth Jasinski, a remarkable woman who has found a unique way to manage bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression while simultaneously enhancing her quality of life.

After discovering the benefits of cannabis in 2017, Beth has incorporated it into her daily routine.

Her cannabis journey goes beyond relief, and she believes it has made her more mindful and in tune with her body, allowing her to control cravings and eat intuitively.

She believes that mindfulness is the key to successful fitness and wellness journeys. As a bonus, she recommends cannabis as a lower-calorie alternative to alcohol.

If you’re looking to elevate your fitness journey, tune in to learn more about Beth’s inspiring story and how cannabis might be the unexpected ally you’ve been searching for.

Full Transcript

Beth: Exactly. And I think it could be life-changing for people. Now more than ever, we’re torn in many different directions, and I see people struggle so much with so many different things. Unfortunately, that’s where we are in society. I really believe that mindfulness and cannabis can change lives.

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Emily: Hello, everybody, and welcome back to another episode of the Well With Cannabis podcast. I am so excited to meet our next guest today. We have Beth Skinner Jasinski, and I am so excited to talk about her journey with cannabis. We’re talking about anxiety, depression, and Bipolar Disorder, but this beautiful thing has come out of it, and I really want to talk about intuition and mindfulness. Beth, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for coming here today. 

Beth: Oh, thank you. Thanks for having me.

Emily: Tell us a little bit about your backstory and what led you to cannabis.

Beth: I experienced cannabis for the first time when I was about 39 years old, so around 17 years ago. I was a fitness instructor for a long time. I was teaching a class, and we were talking about an upcoming family vacation to Disney World with my husband and his son. Having kids was new to me, and I didn’t know what I would do at Disney World. 

Beth: I’m not one to pop a Xanax every time I get anxious, and I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression my entire life. It’s hereditary. I’ve always been anxious and never really had an outlet for it. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder many years ago and am on medication. The medication takes the edge off, but that doesn’t mean you’re cured of anxiety; there is no cure for anxiety. 

Beth: One of my students in that class introduced me to cannabis, and it really changed how I felt mentally. It took the edge off my anxiety, and I had a fabulous experience on vacation. So, I decided to look into it and do some research. I found your site and your recipes, and then I found a local store and started experimenting with THC and CBD. I use a combination of both.

Beth: Now, I use CBD daily to manage the daily anxiety, and I use THC for more major events, as well as relaxation and mindfulness. Both CBD and THC work great for mindfulness. It’s changed my life, mood, outlook, and happiness level. It’s amazing.

Emily: I’m so excited for you. I’m always interested in people’s first time. Do you remember trying it for the first time at Disney World? What was it like? I need to know 

Beth: That’s so funny. I tried it on the plane.

Emily: You’re so brave on the plane! How did it go? 

Beth: I tried on the plane. I fell asleep, so it was great.

Emily: Perfect. Were you hooked after that first time? Did you feel like you had to have more of it?

Beth: Yes. I’m very empathic, so traveling for me is full of anxiety. I feel everyone else’s anxiety at the airport, which fuels my anxiety, so I’m very sensitive. All the worrying about takeoff, landing, and the other people around me disappeared. It was a fantastic thing. 

Emily: We all end up jumping down the cannabis rabbit hole. What did the research process look like for you? Because a lot of people don’t know where to start.

Beth: Yeah, exactly. I didn’t know where to start. I relied on my friend, a client then, for the product, and I was doing internet research. I was starting to find people like you that actually had really good information. There is a lot of not-so-good information out there. I found a local store that sold just CBD at the time since THC hadn’t been legalized here in New York yet. The people at the store asked me about my symptoms and what I needed help with and then recommended different products. I found your recipes on your site and learned how to make oil and use cannabis in baking and cooking. It’s been really helpful.

Emily: That’s so exciting. So what does life look like now with cannabis in your life? Tell us a little bit about the benefits you experience. 

Beth: The benefits have been tremendous. I use CBD for daily anxiety and call it my “daytime CBD”. I was able to start my own business during COVID. I’ve been able to take all of these leaps of faith without getting stuck in my own anxiety. In the past, between my anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and depression, I was actually bedridden for some time. Now that I have CBD, if something triggers my anxiety, I can help medicate myself. My daily CBD alone gets me over the hurdle to take steps that I wouldn’t have been able to take otherwise.

Emily: I relate to that so much. I feel like cannabis gives me confidence so that, in a way, I can trust myself to make the right decision, and I totally connect with you on that.

Beth: I’ve been starting to teach mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition and have noticed over the years that CBD and THC help. It’s almost like they slow down my brain. I can make better decisions, even when it comes to eating more intuitively. People ask if I get the munchies, and I really don’t because I’m more aware of how I’m feeling, how my stomach feels, and all of that.

Emily: I’m so glad you said that because there’s just this misconception that cannabis consumption is going to make you lazy, sit on the couch, and have the munchies. I’ve talked with so many people who say that cannabis fuels a healthy lifestyle, especially healthcare professionals. Many people have a difficult time understanding how that can be. For me, personally, cannabis was like a missing piece of the puzzle. It made healthy eating and exercise more enjoyable, and mindfulness come more naturally. Have you experienced the same?

Beth: Absolutely. It increases my motivation and my willpower, as well. 

Emily: Absolutely. I deal with fitness a lot. Fitness isn’t my favorite, but since I’ve incorporated cannabis into my fitness routine, I’ve been able to remain consistent with what I’ve been doing for over a year now. Cannabis helps with everything!

Beth: It does. It really does. I know. So, how do you incorporate it into your routine?

Emily: I prefer to actually smoke immediately before I work out, and then I like to do heavy weight lifting with loud music. For so long, I thought I should do cardio, but when I took time to reflect on what I like to do, I realized that when I got into my cardio workout, I was constantly asking myself when it would be over. Now, I feel strong and good. It’s been a really enjoyable journey. 

Beth: That’s awesome. I find that the more focused we are on our workouts, the more we get out of it, especially now that more people work out at home. When we’re into it, we’re not constantly thinking about what else we have to do; we can focus on feeling our muscles and the good things our bodies are doing.

Emily: I don’t know if it’s just me getting older and wiser, or if it’s the cannabis consumption, or maybe both, but for me, fitness is so much more about seeing how strong my body can be versus being motivated to look a certain way. I don’t care if it’s cannabis or old age; I’m so happy to be in that space. That’s difficult for many people to find.

Beth: It is, and it’s a game-changer. That tells me that you’re very mindful of what you’re doing and paying attention to your body, which cannabis helps with.

Emily: Yes. Since you have some expertise in mindfulness, I’d love you to give our audience an overview of mindfulness and how you incorporate it into your everyday life. 

Beth: Yeah, absolutely. I like to say that mindfulness is simply paying attention to our body. I like to say that it’s super simple, but we don’t do it. We often think about multiple things at once. We’re especially mindless when it comes to eating. If we’re eating in front of the TV, it’s just hand-to-mouth without thought. 

Beth: I like to teach people that mindfulness is the opposite of that. It’s paying attention and realizing what you’re putting into your body. Pay attention when you’re eating something like chips, and realize how much you’re eating. It’s an awareness of what you’re doing, and it goes deeper than that. It’s an awareness of what you’re feeling physically. Is your stomach full? When you’re working out, are you feeling your muscles contract and stretch? Are you feeling your strength? It’s also emotional, being aware of how you’re feeling and of what you’re saying to yourself.

Emily: Absolutely. Hopefully, mindfulness is one of the next big wellness trends. I know it’s here, and many people are talking about it and preaching it, but I find that a lot of people still grasp and understand the concept. 

Emily: I also think that it’s a great idea to incorporate cannabis into mindfulness because of its potential to be abused or used inappropriately. When you are mindful about your consumption, you can center yourself and remember why you’re consuming cannabis. I know it can be easy to consume for the sake of consuming, but for many people, it’s important to be mindful of the wellness aspect of it rather than the recreational.

Beth: Yeah, it really is. There are many misconceptions about it, that people are getting high and stuck on the couch and things like that. While you could act like that, you can do so much more with it. I’m able to ask myself why I need it right now and what else I can do to serve my emotional or physical needs, which is amazing. It’s such a game-changer.

Emily: So now, are you shouting CBD and cannabis from the rooftops with your clients, people you work with, friends, and family? How are you navigating this newfound excitement? 

Beth: It’s funny. I do talk about it most of the time, but I still try to get a sense from people. It’s just like any other topic, like religion or politics, that you need to be careful about discussing. Since I’ve opened up to it, I’ve found that there are more people using it for different things than I thought. I especially like to discuss the benefits of CBD and recommend the stores that I know to be knowledgeable. I don’t know much of the science behind it and don’t want to overstep my bounds, but I can share how I use it. 

Emily: Definitely. When you share with friends and family, do you feel the stigma, that traditional stereotype, or do you find that it’s going away? 

Beth: Yes, slowly. I find that it seems to be generational, but anecdotally, once I start mentioning it, people of all ages will tell me their stories and how it’s helped them, too. I feel like it’s becoming more acceptable, and there’s less stigma. There is more publicity about it now that it’s legalized here in New York, so I think we’re starting to turn the page a little bit.

Emily: Thankfully, finally, we’ve been waiting for so long. I am in New York as well. It’s been very painful to watch how slow the rollout has been, but I’m thankful for what we have because I know that we could be a whole lot worse off than we are. I do feel like we have a lot of freedom here in New York when it comes to cannabis, but it is still slowly rolling out, and I want federal legalization already so that it’s accessible for everybody. I keep reminding myself of all of the progress we’ve made in the last ten years, and we should be patient and see what the next ten years have to bring.

Beth: We have to be patient. Exactly. We can take the proof that people see and feel the benefits of cannabis to our lawmakers. 

Emily: Absolutely. And that’s why I’m so glad you’re here sharing your story, we do these interviews here because people need to see the regular everyday people who are living better quality lives because of cannabis.

Beth: Exactly. I don’t think I would be here today doing what I’m doing if I didn’t have that. I really don’t think I would have gotten this far. 

Emily: Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Beth: It is. And you’ve built a whole business on it. It’s amazing. 

Emily: Did you say you’re starting a new business as well? Is it cannabis-focused? What’s in the future for you? 

Beth: I am! Mindfulness is my jam, and I’ve been able to build a course that helps people manage or lose weight using mindfulness. They can basically stay in shape and be in control. I think I need to start emphasizing cannabis now that it’s becoming more acceptable because that’s a huge piece of having control over your actions.

Emily: I find the people who will be drawn to you will probably be so excited to find someone who’s cannabis-open and includes it in what they’re doing. I feel like not many people in the mindfulness space are even considering cannabis as a tool for mindfulness, so you’re capitalizing on the perfect time in the market to tell people that these two things go together perfectly.

Beth: Yeah, they really do. 

Emily: That mindfulness piece is so important for ourselves and for each other as we’re trying to be better humans. I feel like we’re in this state where we need more compassion, empathy, and kindness towards ourselves and other people. Cannabis and mindfulness together are perfect wellness, like puzzle pieces. 

Beth: Exactly. And I think it could be life-changing for people now more than ever. We’re torn in many different directions, and I’ve seen people struggle so much with so many different things. Unfortunately, that’s just where we are in society. I believe that mindfulness and cannabis can change lives. It really can. 

Emily: It’s so exciting to think about. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Send me a link to that course so I can share that with everybody listening. For anybody interested in more mindfulness, I would love to share that with you because I truly think this is a perfect combination of both practices, and it really can impact your life. It’s simple when you think about it. You don’t have to be rich or be in shape to be mindful. 

Beth: Thank you. Yeah, that’d be great. 

Emily: I feel like cannabis consumers who have fixed or improved something want to turn around and help others do the same. It’s a beautiful cycle for everybody.

Beth: Yeah. 

Emily: Are you ready for the four questions I ask all of my guests?

Beth: I think so.

Emily: Perfect. This is my favorite part. The first question. What are you most proud of in your life to date?

Beth: Honestly, I think that getting to where I am and overcoming anxiety, depression, and Bipolar Disorder is my biggest accomplishment. It’s been a lifelong struggle, so it’s amazing to be able to say here that it’s not holding me back. I never thought I’d be able to say that.

Emily: I’m so happy for you. That goes with our next question. What do you think your life would look like without cannabis? 

Beth: That’s a scary question. 

Emily: It’s everybody’s least favorite question. 

Beth: Yeah, that’s scary because I don’t know without it. I’d be 18 steps behind, and I’m not really sure where that is.

Emily: I’m so happy that girl brought you that gummy once; just that little thing can make such a difference. It’s crazy.

Beth: I know.

Emily: If you could go back 10, 20, or even 30 years ago, give yourself a piece of advice, cannabis-related or not, what would it be?

Beth: Oh, wow. That’s a great question. I guess I would tell myself to be more open. It’s hard to be open when you have anxiety because you’re basically scared of everything that could happen. I would tell myself to find a way to be more open to things.

Emily: That’s perfect. Last question. If you could be remembered for just one thing in the cannabis space, what would it be?

Beth: Oh, that’s another great, that’s a really good question. You have great questions. I think this is a turning point for me. I would love to be able to be known for using cannabis to be the healthiest, fittest person I can be. I want to put that together because you don’t hear about cannabis and fitness very often – it’s not the stereotype.

Emily: That’s why I’m so glad you’re here showing us that it’s absolutely possible to live your best, healthiest life and be happy and joyful with cannabis. I’m so happy that you shared that with us. 

Beth: Yeah, thank you. I’m happy to share. When you’re in the fitness and wellness space, people assume you have a strict diet, work out daily, and have no problem managing your weight. None of that is true. We’re humans, just like everyone else. I struggle with all of that, but cannabis helps me get through it, which almost makes me feel superhuman. Why wouldn’t we all want to try that?

Emily: Absolutely. Where can people go to learn more about your mindfulness course?

Beth: They can go to my website, 

Emily: Mindfulness and cannabis go so well together for those of you who are interested. Please visit Beth if you want to learn more. It could absolutely change your life. She is a cannabis-friendly practitioner, so you can enjoy cannabis and mindfulness together! Beth, thank you so much for coming here and sharing this with us. I had a great time with you today.

Beth: You’re welcome. Thank you for inviting me. 

Emily: Of course. 

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