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What is CBD Flower & What Can You Do With It?

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Discover everything you need to know about CBD flower including what it is, the benefits, how you can use it in many different ways including cooking, and where to buy high-quality organic CBD flower.

What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

As our world of cannabis acceptance and legalization grows, so do the options for new cannabis products available.

Chances are you may have heard someone mention hemp flower recently and wondered – what is hemp flower?

CBD flower is the raw or dried hemp flower buds of the Cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the cannabinoid that offers many potential health benefits, ranging from anti-inflammatory to anti-convulsant, that does not produce an intoxicating high.

With the passage of The Farm Bill in late 2018 came the legalization of hemp, or cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC.

While we are used to seeing CBD oil and other CBD products on the marketplace, CBD flower is new and growing in popularity quickly.

Hemp flower is quickly rising in popularity for many reasons including:

  • The health benefits of full-spectrum cannabis
  • A way to use cannabis without an extreme or unwanted high
  • An easier, legal way to buy hemp flower

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, I work with my online course students to incorporate cannabis into their healthcare routine, and I have noticed a great increase in the interest in CBD flower recently. 

CBD flower can be brand new to even the most seasoned cannabis consumer, so here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get asked about CBD flower in my practice.

What is the Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp?

The main difference in the traditional cannabis you may already be familiar with and hemp flower is the total amount of THC the flower contains. 

This is a chemical difference, meaning that hemp flower will look, smell, and perform almost exactly the same as any other cannabis flower, minus the intoxicating high.

Hemp plants have been selectively cultivated to have a low THC, high CBD cannabinoid profile while maintaining all other beneficial plant compounds including other cannabinoids like CBDA, THCA, and terpenes

As my Dad said: “it’s like the ‘weed’ we used to have back in the day” – referring to a low THC content.

Many folks prefer the very low concentration of THC, as compared to high THC strains on the market today because they prefer not to feel the intoxicating high of THC while still enjoying the benefits of cannabis.

Is Hemp Flower Legal?

Thanks to the passage of the Farm Bill in December of 2018, hemp is now Federally legal, but it is important to check with your local state and city regulations to ensure the legality of consuming hemp flower.

What Can I Do CBD Flower?

Of course, there will always be folks who don’t want CBD flower because it does not contain a lot THC, but that is the reason many people DO want to consume CBD flower. 

Many people want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the high. CBD flower is the solution that allows you to do that.

Below are several ways that you could use CBD hemp flower in your everyday life:

Smoke or Vape

Still the most popular method of consumption, you can smoke or vape CBD hemp flower just as you would any other cannabis flower.

Smokable hemp flower can be consumed from a pipe or bong, rolled in a CBD joint, purchased as a CBD pre-roll or vaporized using a dry herb vaporizer.

Benefits of Smoking

While smoking CBD flower does not offer the same intoxicating experience as smoking THC cannabis flower, there are many benefits of smoking hemp flower including anecdotal reports of anxiety-relief, pain-relief, and a sense of relaxation.

Smoking CBD flower is a desirable consumption method for many consumers due to the high bioavailability of inhaled cannabinoids, especially CBD.

Inhaled cannabis has an approximate bioavailability of 31%, which is the highest of any cannabis consumption method.

Smoking a CBD pre-roll is also one of the fastest and most effective ways CBD can be absorbed into the body.

Inhaled cannabis can have an average onset time of 1-3 minutes, providing relief quicker than any other consumption method.

With a high bioavailability and quick onset time, smoking CBD has a direct impact on our Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The ECS is directly responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body and has an effect on all of our other systems, including our immune system and our nervous system.

By smoking CBD flower, you can directly introduce cannabinoids to the ECS, while simultaneously managing stress and anxiety at the same time.

Together, this helps offer support for your overall immune health and function.

If you are going to smoke or vape hemp flower, it is always recommended to choose a USDA certified organic flower to ensure no toxins, metals, pesticides, or other unnatural materials are in your products.

Get my recommendation for the highest quality, organic CBD hemp flower options from Eaton Hemp to buy online below.

Cooking with CBD Flower

Just like traditional cannabis edibles, you can make edibles with CBD hemp flower.

Of course, these edibles will not produce the same potent intoxicating effects as traditional cannabis edibles.

How Long to Decarb CBD Flower

Cooking with CBD hemp flower still requires the process of decarboxylation to convert cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) into cannabidiol (CBD), although both forms remain non-intoxicating in their respective states.

If you are decarbing CBD flower, set the oven to 240°F and bake for 80 minutes.

Get a full decarboxylation tutorial here.

Make Topicals

One of the best things to use CBD hemp flower is to make homemade topicals like massage oils, cannabis salves, and even cannabis lip balm.

Because cannabinoids are very effective when applied topically, but do not readily absorb into the bloodstream, using CBD flower to make topicals is ideal.

This allows you to get all of the benefits of full-spectrum CBD, without ‘wasting’ any of the THC.

Cannabis Decarboxylation by Emily Kyle

Where Can I Buy Hemp Flower?

Are you eager to try CBD hemp flower for yourself? Are you looking for a safe and reliable place to buy organic hemp flower online?

I am proud to introduce you to Eaton Hemp CBD, the highest quality organic CBD hemp flower producers around offering hemp flower for sale.

Their high-quality products and excellent customer service make them the ideal source to buy hemp flower online. 

Eaton Hemp provides you with the safest, highest-quality CBD flower for sale. The USDA label ensures there are no toxins, metals, pesticides, or other unnatural material in the product.

What is a CBD-Pre-roll?

A CBD or Hemp pre-roll is a joint that has already been rolled for you. Perfect for cannabis newcomers or folks who want a done-for-you solution, pre-rolls take all of the guesswork out of smoking CBD flower.

Simply light and enjoy it! Thankfully, Eaton Hemp supplies the best hemp flower pre-rolls available. 

Eaton Hemp CBD Hemp Flower Review

Eaton Hemp currently offers two varieties of pre-rolls, Up-Time Hemp Flower Pre-Roll and Down-Time Hemp Flower Pre-Roll.

Learn more about each of these different hemp pre-rolls and select the one that is best for you!

Up-Time Organic Hemp Flower Pre-Roll

The Up-Time Pre-Roll is perfect for folks who like to enjoy their cannabis before being productive and getting to work in the morning.

The Up-Time pre-roll is packed with a CBD strain called Hawaiian Haze. This strains terpene profile gives it a sweet, tropical aroma that you’re sure to love. 

Each Up-Time pre-roll is 13% CBD, providing 130mg of CBD in the entire 1 gram cone. These pre-rolled joints can be purchased in a single 1 pack, a 6 pack, or a 10 pack.

Don’t forget to use the code EMILY15 at checkout for 15% off your order!

Down-Time Organic Hemp Flower Pre-Roll

The Down-Time Pre-Roll is perfect for folks who like to enjoy the cannabis at the end of a long day, as a time to relax and unwind before bed.

The Down-Time pre-roll is packed with a CBD strain called Sour Space Candy.

Its unique blend of terpenes gives off a herbal, berry aroma that’s sure to enhance your feelings of relaxation and to help you unwind. 

Each Down-Time pre-roll is 14% CBD, providing 140mg of CBD in the entire 1 gram cone. These pre-rolled joints can be purchased in a single 1 pack, a 6 pack, or a 10 pack.

Don’t forget to use the code EMILY15 at checkout for 15% off your order!

Organic Pre-Roll Combo

Can’t decide which pre-roll is right for you? Try the Pre-Roll Combo Pack that contains both strains of the highest quality pre-rolled organic hemp flower. 

Don’t forget to use the code EMILY15 at checkout for 15% off your order!

Hemp Flower Near Me

Searching for hemp flower near you? No need to worry, about searching for hemp flower, as Eaton Hemp CBD ships their premium smokable hemp flower to consumers across the country. Click here to shop all of their premium, high-quality hemp products now.

CBD Hemp Flower Emily Kyle

Looking To Further Your Cannabis Education?

Are you ready to learn more about cannabis and how you can use it to maximize your health and wellness? Click to learn more about my Cannabis Compass Online Course.

This online cannabis education teaches you how to use, apply, and dose all forms of cannabis safely and effectively so that you can begin to manage your anxiety, pain, and/or inflammation the natural way from the comfort of your own home.

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