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5 Ways To Add CBD To Your Self-Care Routine

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Discover 5 simple ways to add CBD to your self-care routine in order to enhance your experience and increase relaxation so that you can feel better and manage your stress, anxiety, or other chronic health conditions more easily.

CBD Self-Care Routine

5 Ways To Add CBD To Your Self-Care Routine

Self-care is a critical part of any happy and healthy holistic lifestyle, which is why cannabis is one of my seven pillars of holistic living

With it’s calming and relaxing properties, adding CBD to your self-care routine will no doubt enhance your overall experience.

In this article, we will explore my favorite ways that you can easily add CBD to your self-care routine to increase your relaxation and enhance your overall experience.

In my Cannabis Compass Online Course, I use a combination of nutrition and CBD or cannabis therapies to help my clients manage anxiety, autoimmune conditions, and the physical symptoms of pain and inflammation, and more.

I teach the women that I work with how to use CBD and other forms of cannabis with their own self-care routine to improve their symptoms and enhance the overall quality of their lives. 

Here on the blog, I’ve talked many times about how to create a self-care routine because it helps you care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It’s a simple way to say “I love you” to yourself every day.

Unfortunately, a lot of women feel overwhelmed when it comes to both using CBD and making time for self-care, and I completely understand.

Adding CBD to Your Self-Care Routine

Whether it be the fear that there is just not enough time in the day to add one more thing to the to-do list, or the overwhelm of knowing where to get started, taking that first step towards creating a self-care routine can be the hardest. 

That is why I’ve put together five of my favorite ways to easily add CBD to your self-care routine.

Adding CBD to your self-care routine is about making time throughout the day to check-in with yourself and make sure that you are feeling your best.

Before we get started, the one thing I cannot stress enough is an important fact that there is no ‘right way’ to do self-care. I just want you to start to develop a routine that works for you and your lifestyle.

#1 – Add CBD to Your Daily Supplement Routine

Smart supplementation can play an important role in any daily self-care routine.

While the FDA does not recognize CBD as a dietary supplement, many of my clients who use CBD take it at the same time they typically take their vitamins, probiotics, and other supplements.

This is desirable because CBD is best experienced when used on a daily basis. Many of my clients add CBD to their daily supplement routine by using a sublingual CBD oil preparation.

This simply means they are holding the CBD oil under their tongue for absorption, typically for 60-90 seconds. Daily sublingual absorption is ideal because it has a near 30% bioavailability rate, which is higher than oral consumption.

There are no standard dosing recommendations but it is always best to start low and increase your dosage slowly over time. A small dose placed under the tongue before bed is a good place to start.

For daily use, I recommend my 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for any beginner looking to start CBD use.

#2 – Add CBD to Your Skincare Routine

A simple skincare or beauty ritual is common to many women’s self-care practices. Our skin is the body’s largest organ, which is why it is so important to take time to care for our skin.

Women are rapidly discovering how amazing hemp-derived CBD products can be for skin health. Hemp itself is a nourishing botanical that contains important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

Many hemp-based products also contain CBD, which can incorporate more beneficial effects like anxiety and pain relief because the body can absorb cannabinoids directly through the skin (1).

Topical absorption of CBD has a near 30% bioavailability rate, but unlike sublingual tinctures, it requires no under-the-tongue absorption, which is desirable for many clients.

CBD can be absorbed directly through the skin and can provide targeted relief for common symptoms like pain and inflammation. You can also infuse topical CBD into your favorite homemade personal care products, like CBD Infused Lip Balm.

My topical CBD Roll-On is a customer favorite because it is packaged in a convenient travel size roller-ball bottle that can be used discreetly at home or on-the-go, allowing you to use your CBD whenever, wherever you need it.

#3 – Add CBD to Your Food & Drinks

Sometimes, adding one more thing to the to-do list can feel like too much.

That’s why many women I work with prefer adding CBD directly to their food and drinks because they are already eating and drinking anyways.

While it is nice to make CBD infused sweet treats, it is important to remember that a nourishing diet is a supporting pillar of a holistic lifestyle.

Using CBD to make nourishing recipes is smarter than using CBD to make empty-calorie treats. You can learn more about cooking with CBD with my Culinary Tips for Cooking with CBD Oil, here.

Eating CBD, also known as oral consumption, has an approximate 6% bioavailability rate, meaning you typically need to use more to see the same results.

That is why I use my 500mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Concentrate in recipes because you can add more milligrams of CBD in a smaller volume.

Whether you take a few hours on meal prep Sunday to make your own Homemade CBD Infused Gummies or have just a few minutes to slowly sip on a CBD Infused Pumpkin Spice Latte, adding CBD to your food and drinks may be one of the easiest ways to incorporate CBD into your self-care routine.

If you’re new to using CBD to create nourishing recipes, be sure to download my free Anti-Anxiety Meal Plan With Tips for Using CBD Oil here.

#4 – Add CBD to Your Bedtime Routine

Good sleep is another pillar of a happy and healthy holistic lifestyle, but for many people, good sleep seems like an elusive dream.

Thankfully, a review of the research suggests that cannabinoids like CBD  may help to improve sleep quality, decrease sleep disturbances, and decrease sleep onset latency (2).

Bedtime routines are all unique, but many of my clients who use CBD do so multiple times throughout the day, and then again at bedtime.

Many people use my 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil before bed because they can take it both sublingually, under the tongue, and apply it topically.

You can use the Full-Spectrum CBD Oil to your bedtime routine by winding down with a relaxing CBD massage, or incorporating it into your nightly meditation routine and applying it to the head, neck, and shoulders to release tension. 

#5 Use CBD As a Stress Management Tool

While we can focus on stress prevention, the truth is that stress happens in all of our lives on a daily basis. Any sensible self-care routine should include a stress-management plan with many tools for when things get rough and stress hits an all-time high. 

For many of my clients, having a CBD Vape Cartridge is like an anxiety secret-weapon.

Vaping CBD is a quick-acting, 1-3 minute, way to administer CBD and experience the immediate effect of calming anxiety, taming mood swings, and restoring control of your emotions.

Vaping CBD is a smokeless, low-temperature method of inhaling CBD via vaporization.  There are potential benefits of vaping CBD depending on the individual, their certain circumstances, and individual health goals.

I exclusively recommend this CBD Vape Cartridge product which was formulated with quality, safety, and purity in mind.

CBD For Good Health

I always tell my clients that just like anything else, there is no magic pill or ‘cure-all’ that will magically erase stress and anxiety.

CBD needs to be used as a tool, in conjunction with a variety of other stress and anxiety-relieving modalities, for maximum effectiveness.

This includes good sleep hygiene, proper nutrition, exercise, and other stress management techniques for a more holistic approach to stress and anxiety management. 

Ready to get started right away? Be sure to check out my Cannabis Compass Online Course that is designed to help you find the perfect application and dosage for you!

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