Are you looking for a super simple recipe for homemade cannabis edibles? Do you wish medicating was as easy as consuming your favorite cup of morning coffee? Join millions of Americans who have discovered that the best part of waking up is cannabis in their cup and learn how to make your own cannabis coffee at home with so many different infusion options to choose from ranging from cannabis oils, extracts, concentrate, and more. 

Cannabis Coffee

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  • 9 different ways to make cannacoffee with what you already have
  • Tips and suggestions for making the best infused coffee
  • Want to make it easy? Skip the hard work and have my best-selling high-quality cannabis products delivered directly to your door. Now shipping across the US!
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Why You Will Love This Guide

Over the years, I have learned that I love a good wake and bake experience to start my day, and my Well With Cannabis Community members let me know I’m not alone.

Many members told me they prefer to medicate with edibles rather than smoking or vaping, leading us to this delicious cannabis coffee recipe.

Millions of people love to start their day with cannabis; for so many, cannabis and coffee have become the perfect morning pairing.

Thankfully, there are many ways to make an amazing cup of weed coffee, all of which complement the coffee and creamer you already use.

Because there is no one right way to make a cup of cannabis coffee, I will share my seven favorite methods with several different infusion options so you can pick according to your preferences.

Cannabis Coffee Made with Cannabutter

#1 – Cannabis Butter

Cannabutter has been one of the most tried-and-true cannabis staple recipes, making it a popular coffee addition.

This is my personal favorite way to make cannabis coffee, and it is one of the easiest ways to infuse your favorite coffee drinks. 

If you’ve never put cannabis-infused butter in your coffee before, you might think it doesn’t sound too appetizing, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Adding cannabutter to your morning brew adds richness to the flavor and texture and tt can be enjoyed alongside any other ingredients you like to use, like sugar or cream

If want to make your own cannabutter at home, be sure to get my crockpot guide or my Instant pot guide here.

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Each teaspoon contains 12.5mg of THC and 12.5 mg of CBD.

The combination of CBD and THC make for a mellow experience while allowing you to enjoy the good stuff.

Weary about consuming too much first thing in the morning? No worries, you only need to add a small dose to a cup of hot coffee to begin reaping the benefits. 

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Putting Cannabis Coconut Oil into Cannabis Coffee

#2 – Cannabis Oil

Next to cannabutter, adding cannabis oil is another great way to make a super easy infused recipe. 

Many people prefer cannabis-infused coconut oil because it is naturally plant-based and vegan and doesn’t require the milk solids to be removed after the infusion. 

In addition to traditional unrefined coconut oil, infusing MCT oil is also a popular choice.

Adding cannabis-infused MCT oil to your morning cup of coffee leaves you with the traditional ‘bulletproof coffee.’ 

Cannabis bulletproof coffee is delicious but has also been known to cause some digestive distress in some individuals, so enjoy with caution.

If you’ve never made your own, get the guide to make your cannabis coconut oil or MCT oil here

Or you can skip the prep time and all of the hard work and shop with me and choose your desired oil option, ranging from THC, CBD, CBG or CBN.

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Cannabis Coffee Made with CBD Oil

Note: Oil Separation Will Occur

It’s important to keep in mind that mixing coffee and oil or butter is like mixing oil and vinegar; they don’t naturally stay together well.

You will likely notice the oil floating on the top of your coffee after the cup is left to sit for a few minutes. 

It’s a common mistake to think you’ve done something wrong, but don’t worry, this is harmless, depending on your taste and texture preferences. 

If you do not like the oil separation, I recommend adding a bit of lecithin to your drink.

Adding a ¼ teaspoon of liquid sunflower lecithin with the oil and mixing the infusion with a handheld milk frother will help solve this issue.

The lecithin and mixing process will help emulsify all ingredients and prevent oil from floating on top.

Mixing Cannabis Coffee with Milk Frother

#3 – Bliss Beverage Booster

While the oil and butter are good for hot coffee, they simply do not mix well into cold options, like iced coffee or cold brew coffee.

If you want to infuse any type of coffee, hot or cold, that’s where my Bliss Beverage Booster comes in!

This water-soluble beverage enhancer provides 3mg of THC and 3mg of CBD per pump, making dosing easy for best results. 

You can purchase this liquid drink aid solution to make cannabis-infused beverages like coffee at home – without any of the hard work.

Simply pump, mix with a good stir, and enjoy your favorite drink with the peace of mind of knowing the exact dosage.

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Cannabis Tinctures

A traditional cannabis tincture made with high-proof alcohol and will blend into the coffee better than any method described here.

When the alcohol is mixed with a hot drink, the heat helps to evaporate some of the alcohol, leaving behind a much more pleasant end product.

If you want to make your own alcohol tincture at home, you can try the traditional Green Dragon or a Golden Dragon recipe.

While the Green Dragon is more potent per lab tests, the QWET Golden Dragon has a more mild taste. It is your choice which option you want to use.
If you prefer no alcohol, you can evaporate the alcohol from a tincture, leaving behind full-extract cannabis oil (FECO), sometimes called Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). 

Just note that the final product from a THC tincture can be very strong, as you are concentrating the cannabinoid THC

This extra strength product means you only need to use a tiny bit to get the effects you’re looking for, so dose accordingly.

Alternatively, adding a lot of cannabis tincture to coffee can be similar to adding whiskey to coffee for an Irish Coffee or adding Bailey’s to coffee for an after-dinner drink.

Cannabis Coffee made with Cannabis Sugar

#5 – Cannabis Sugar

Adding a spoonful of cannabis sugar to your morning cup of coffee may be the easiest way to make a cup of cannabis coffee.

It takes a little bit of work to make cannabis sugar, you must first make a cannabis tincture. Once the tincture is made, you pour that over sugar to make cannabis sugar

Once the sugar is made, it is a shelf-stable option. You could even use this to spice up your favorite drink from a local coffee shop.

For a full guide on how to make cannabis sugar at home, click here.

#6 – Cannabis Milk

If you are a milk or cream lover, you will love infusing your coffee with cannabis-infused milk or cream

Not only can you use it as-is, but it can be used as the base to make many other infused creations like coffee creamer or infused coconut milk.

If you’ve never infused milk or cream before, you can get complete instructions here

#7 – Cannabis Oil Powder

Are you looking for a new cannabis infusion method to make tasty edibles that can kick in quickly in just 15-20 minutes? 

Then look no further than learning how to make cannabis oil powder, sometimes called THC powder, quickly at home. 

Made with just two simple ingredients in just 10 minutes, this powder can be added to your morning cup of coffee without affecting the taste, smell, or flavor.

Learn how to make cannabis oil powder here.

Cannabis Coffee Made with FECO

#8 – Cannabis Concentrates

Many cannabis concentrates are on the market today that can be used to make cannabis-infused coffee.

One of the most popular cannabis concentrates made at home is full-extract cannabis oil, also known as FECO.

You can make FECO at home or sometimes find it at a licensed dispensary. It may also be called RSO. 

Depending on where you live, you may also have access to high-quality cannabis concentrates like distillate. 

This highly concentrated cannabis product has minimal flavor, so cannabis consumers highly favor it.

You can find THC concentrate syringes at legal dispensaries. 

Cannabis Coffee in Mug

#9 – Leftover Cannabis Pulp

This is another one where they say don’t knock it until you try it!

Leftover cannabis pulp is the plant matter left over from making cannabis butter, cannabis coconut oil, or cannabis olive oil.

While many people typically throw the leftover pulp or ‘sludge’ out, many of our readers have reported saving and using the leftovers in many different recipes.

The best way to add cannabis pulp leftovers to your coffee is to place the leftover plant material in a tea ball and steep it in your mug. 

Cannabis Coffee

How Much Cannabis Should You Add?

As humans, we all have our own unique endocannabinoid systems, explaining why we react to cannabis differently. 

I can not give specific dosage measurements here because there is so much variability in the options available.

There are so many variables that will impact your product’s final dose, so important to work based on your own personal tolerance. 

These variables include, but are not limited to, what infusion method you choose, whether you start with CBD hemp flower or THC flower, whether you went through the decarboxylation process, and how much material you started with. 

My advice, as always, is to follow the golden rule of “start low and go slow“. 

Start with a ¼-½ teaspoon of your infusion of choice and work your way up from there. 

If you’re still unsure how to find your perfect dose and learn what works best for your body, check out the education offered in my Cannabis Compass Online Course

Cannabis Coffee Emily Kyle

9 Ways To Make Cannabis Coffee

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Learn how to make the smoothest, most delicious cup of cannabis-infused coffee for a delicious way to start your day – wake and bake style. You can easily customize this cup of cannabis coffee to your personal coffee preferences by controlling the sugar, creamer, and other additional ingredients.
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 15 minutes
Servings: 8 ounces



  • Brew the coffee according to your favorite method of choice.
  • In your favorite mug, add the Bliss Cannabutter or cannabis oil and lecithin.
  • Pour the hot coffee into the mug.
  • Emulsify the ingredients together with a handheld milk frother. Allow as much foam to build as desired.
  • Stir in your sugar, milk, coffee creamer, or any other coffee additive you want and enjoy.


*I recommend adding ¼ teaspoon of lecithin per 8 ounces of liquid. If you’re making a larger cup of coffee, adjust as needed.
*While I prefer to use liquid sunflower lecithin as the emulsifier, granulated or powdered lecithin will work just fine.


Serving: 1g, Calories: 20kcal, Carbohydrates: 4g, Sodium: 5mg, Sugar: 4g

Additional Info

Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Cannabis Recipe
Did you make this recipe or have a question?Join hundreds of members inside private Well With Cannabis Community for help, support, and to share your edible creations!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make cannabis-infused coffee beans?

While I haven’t tried it myself, I would imagine you could pour an alcohol-based tincture over ground coffee beans and allow the alcohol to evaporate from the coffee grounds, similar to how you make cannabis sugar. You could then use a French Press and pour the hot water over the infused grounds.

How do I make a CBD-infused coffee?

If you want to skip the  make CBD coffee, simply choose a CBD-dominant option to start with, such as my CBD Beverage Booster or CBD oil.

Is there a good way to store homemade cannabutter for coffee?

Freezing cannabutter in an ice cube tray can be perfect for dosing out a perfect size addition to your morning cup of coffee.

Can I make cannabis-infused coffee creamer?

Yes, find all of the ways to make cannabis-infused coffee creamer here.


In the end , remember that whether you’re battling chronic pain, seeking to avoid caffeine jitters, or just in pursuit of those good vibes to start your day, incorporating the right ingredients into your coffee can make all the difference. 

From the unique flavor that cannabis brings to the table to the sheer joy of experimentation, creating the best cannabis coffee caters to every coffee lover’s dream. 

And for those looking to blend wellness with pleasure, adding a bit of cannabis—be it through oil, butter, or other popular choices—is certainly a good idea. 

Remember, it’s all about finding what works best for you, ensuring each cup is brewed to perfection and packed with good measure of enjoyment and benefits. 

So go ahead, give these methods a try, and discover your perfect blend. 

Who knows? Your next cup of joe could be the most rewarding one yet, effortlessly combining the ritual of coffee consumption with the benefits of cannabis.

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