Are you working to try and calculate the amount of THC or CBD in your homemade cannabis creations? If you know the potency of your flower and how much you used, we can help with the math! Here you can use our most accurate edible dosage calculator to help you guesstimate the potency of your cannabis edibles, recipes, and homemade creations.

Edible Dosage Calculator


  • A free tool designed to help you estimate the potency of your homemade edibles
  • A calculator that accounts for the loss associated with decarboxylation and your infusion or extraction material
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Before You Use This Calculator

Welcome to my dosage calculator for cannabis edibles and homemade recipes.

While a calculator is no replacement for lab testing, this tool will help you get a guesstimate of the potency of your cannabis infusions and extractions.

Unlike other online calculators, this calculator hopes to provide more accuracy by accounting for the losses associated with decarboxylation, infusion oils, or extraction solvents.

Before using this calculator, you will need to know two things:

  1. The amount of cannabis you are putting into the recipe – in grams (remember, there are 28 grams in one ounce)
  2. The percent of THCA / THC or CBDA / CBD present in your material (you can input other cannabinoids here if desired)

If you have these numbers available, you can get started with the calculator below; the results are highlighted in pink.

Step 1: Calculate Potency For the Entire Batch

In this first section, you can calculate the potency of your infused product that can later be used directly in your recipe using the second section of this calculator.

Starting Amount of Cannabis Product in Grams
Type of Oil or Alchol Used
Amount of Oil or Alcohol Used in Cups
Account for the loss associated with Decarboxylation?
Check this box if you decarbed your product and want to account for the natural loss associated with the process.

Potency Results For The Entire Batch

Total mg of THC
Total mg of CBD
Total mg of THC per teaspoon
Total mg of CBD per teaspoon

Step 2: Creation Portions/Servings

In this section section, you can add the infusion or extraction you made in step one directly into any recipe.

Number of Teaspoons Used in Your Recipe
Total Number of Servings In your Recipe


Total mg of THC in entire recipe
Total mg of CBD in entire recipe
Total mg of THC in per serving
Total mg of CBD per serving

Frequently Asked Questions

Which number should I enter THC or THCA?

If you’re working with dried cannabis flower that has not been decarbed, you will be inputting the value as THCA and checking the checkbox to account for the loss of decarboxylation if you decarb. If you are working with a prepared cannabis product that already has THC present because it has already been decarbed, you will enter the value as THC and not check the checkbox to associate for the loss of decarboxylation (because it has already occurred). If you have both numbers, simply run the calculation twice, once for each option.

What is a good dose to start with?

Great question! If you have done the math above but still feel unsure where to start, check out my guide to dosing edibles safely and effectively. If you are feeling very lost, you can also check out my beginner’s guide to using cannabis.

How do I calculate the dosage for concentrates?

If your concentrate already comes with a milligram dosage on the label, you do not need to use this calculator. Simply divide the total milligrams of THC by the number of final servings in the recipe you made. For example, if you have a concentrate labeled with 750mg of THC for the entire syringe and add that syringe to a cookie recipe that makes 24 cookies, you would use the following equation: 750/24 = 31.25mg THC per cookie.

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  1. Hi Emily, I hate to ask a stupid question but unless i missed it, i havent found an answer in your instructions for calculating potency. What are we counting when you say “number of teaspoons in your recipe”? Number of teaspoons of oil? Number of teaspoons of dough to make a cookie? Either number i use seems to make the potency very high. Is there something else i forgot to count? Thanks for reading my question.

  2. Hi Janet. There are no such thing as stupid questions. ☺️
    Number of Teaspoons Used in Your Recipe = The amount of teaspoons of infused oil you are using in the recipe.
    Total Number of Servings In your Recipe = The amount of individual servings in your entire recipe.

    If you feel like your numbers aren’t right, reply to this email with your numbers and I’ll take a look over it. I hope this helps!

  3. Hi Emily. Great site. Delighted to have come across it while on hols in the US. LA, NY, Chicago, Memphis and NO.

    Q 1. If i infuse with MCT and and then decide to fill the capsules without filtering the infusion will each capsule be more potent that if i just filter the MCT infusion into each capsule? It seems a shame and a waste to lose 10%+ oil sitting in the of filter as well as the decarbed/infused leaf.

    Q2. If I make Green Dragon, which I’m going to, can this be filled into gelatin based capsules or will it break them down? If yes …any alternative type of capsule?

  4. Hi John. We’re glad our site has been helpful for you while on holiday!

    Regarding your first question, if you choose not to filter the MCT infusion before filling the capsules, each capsule may indeed be more potent. When infusing, the oil can only absorb so much from the plant material. If you leave in the plant material, you’re getting 100% potency of the flower. Filtering the infusion helps remove any residual plant material and helps improve the taste and texture of the final product, but by not filtering, you will get an increased overall potency. When making capsules, taste and texture don’t necessarily matter, so I love the idea of not filtering out the plant material.

    As for your second question, gelatin-based capsules are not the best choice for filling with Green Dragon since the alcohol content could potentially dissolve or degrade the gelatin capsules. Consider using vegetable-based or vegan capsules, which are made from materials like cellulose or agar. These types of capsules are generally more resistant to the effects of alcohol.

    I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Happy infusing!

  5. Hi Emily,
    I am looking for more information on how to use home made concentrations. I started with 5 ounces of 12.82% THC and 5 cups of EverClear alcohol. I made the tincture in the Magical Butter Machine. I made 31 ounces of tincture. I figured that the final result was 15,360 mg of THC. I evaporated the alcohol down to 5 ounces of concentration. This is where I am stuck. How do I figure how much of the concentration is needed to make 100 gummy bears which contain 3 ml of liquid each. Is there a formular to figure this out? This is the large size gummy bear mold. If you need more information just let me know.
    Thanks for the help.

  6. Hi Jane. Are you using Emily’s Cannabis Gummies Made With Tincture, FECO, or RSO recipe? That recipe makes approximately 10 fluid ounces, which is 300ml. This recipe calls for 4oz of tincture, but you’re evaporating off the alcohol, so you can definitely use all your tincture if you’d like. Based on your calculation of 15,360mg THC for the total batch, each gummy will be 153.60mg. Those pack quite the punch!!

    I hope this helps clarify things! Remember, it’s always best to start low and go slow when it comes to cannabis edibles, especially when sharing with others. Always label your homemade edibles clearly to avoid any accidental overconsumption.

  7. Emily. What’s the typical about of oil used for 7 grams of decarbed flower? I typically use a 1/2 cup of either coconut or vegetable. And for my recipe, I typically use the whole batch (24 tsp) and make 90 to 100 pieces. Usually milk chocolate melted and place into molds.

  8. Hey Emily… when calculating potency do you use the amount of oil that you start with or the amount of oil that you end up with after infusion? Will be using a Levo 2.

  9. Hey Chris! That’s a fantastic question. To ensure precise potency, it’s important to consider the amount of oil used BEFORE the infusion process begins.