Thanksgiving is here and we are giving a little L.O.V.E to THC, CBD, CBG, and more with this adult-only cannabis Thanksgiving spread. So, prepare your tables – and your stomachs – for these creative cannabis infusion techniques that you can use with all of your favorite recipes!

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  • Find several, delicious ways to infuse all of your favorite recipes with cannabis
  • Recommendations for safe dosing guidelines for you and your party guests
  • Easy-to-make homemade recipes and decor inspiration

Why You Will Love This Guide

From the turkey to the pie and everything in between – these cannabis infusion ideas have the opportunity to make your Thanksgiving ten times better.

Inside my Well With Cannabis Community, we discuss all things cannabis.

With Thanksgiving coming up, my community members and I have been discussing all the tasty meals we’ve been enjoying throughout the years – and what would be best infused.

But, there’s just one problem, not everyone knows how to infuse some of their favorite dishes. So, that’s where I come in.

Here are an endless amount of food and infusion options for your Holidaze or Danksgiving celebration.

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The Cannabis Thanksgiving Menu

I know that everyone has their own special recipe for traditional holidays, so instead of giving you recipes, I want to show you how to infuse your own.

Here are all of the different dishes you can infuse, complete with alternate infusion options and suggestions:

  • Turkey and mashed potatoes
  • Stuffing or dressing and gravy
  • Glazed carrots or squash and green bean casserole
  • Deviled eggs and cranberry sauce
  • Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie

Dosing Guidelines

Just remember, you don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) infuse ALL of these dishes – depending on your desired total dosage of the meal.

Depending on the preferences of your guests, you should aim for a meal with no more than 10-20mg of THC total – per person.

We all have different endocannabinoid systems and tolerance levels and even that may be too much for some people.

If you’re not sure, be proactive and ask what your guest’s personal sweet spot for dosing is. A few questions can help you plan accordingly!

Once you know your main dosage goal, you can use my cannabis dosage calculator to input different amounts and come up with a plan.

Remember, it’s not all about THC. You can balance your meals out with different cannabinoids and use CBD flower or oil or even CBG flower or oil to offset the effects of the THC.

Caution is advised here, especially if you’re new to cannabis edibles.

You just don’t want to run the risk of anyone overconsuming and not being able to enjoy the experience!

Remember the golden rule: start low and go slow (especially if you don’t know your own personal tolerance, yet).

A thanksgiving table with all of the staple dishes including turkey.

The Turkey

For most Americans, the number one traditional Thanksgiving dinner staple is the roast, or fried, turkey.

Fun Fact: We raise our own Thanksgiving turkeys every year. They taste so much better, and we know that they lived happy lives and were fed nutritious foods.

No matter where your turkey comes from, there are two different ways you could infuse the turkey with cannabis:

  1. Add a few grams of ground, decarbed cannabis flower to your poultry seasoning and apply liberally when you season the bird.
  2. Towards the very end of the cooking process, baste the turkey with cannabutter.
A roast turkey

The Mashed Potatoes

I don’t know about you, but I am super picky about my Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, I only want my mom’s recipe!

I don’t know how she makes them, but here are all the ways I would suggest she could infuse them:

  1. Top the mashed potatoes with cannabutter. Really, any type of cannabis oil can be used here. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, coconut oil could also work.
  2. I think my mom puts a splash of milk in her mashed potatoes, so cannabis milk or heavy cream would work perfect here.
  3. For a pretty visual presentation, you could add a sprinkle of ground, decarbed cannabis flower to the top as a garnish.
  4. You could also top with a pinch of cannabis salt.
A white table with a orange napkin with a bowl of mashed potatoes and a gravy boat

The Stuffing or Dressing

Stuffing or dressing, it is herbaceous, delicious, and perfect for infusing with cannabis. I personally love the taste of cannabis and like using it as a spice, like you would rosemary or oregano.

And in this recipe, the terpenes of all of the herbs pair perfectly together. To make infused stuffing or dressing I would:

  1. Add the ground, decarbed cannabis flower right in the spice mix when you are adding the other traditional herbs, like sage.
  2. After baking the stuffing, top with a few pats of cannabutter.
A white kitchen towel topped with a bowl of stuffing

The Gravy

Thankfully my husband is such a talented Chef, or I may not have known the beauty of true, homemade gravy. Whether you make it with pan drippings from your turkey or an easier way, there are a few different ways you could infuse.

  1. My husband said his preferred Chef way would be to make a roux with cannabutter and then make the gravy with that – yum!
  2. You could also stir in any type of cannabis oil or cannabutter in with the gravy before serving.
A white table with a orange napkin with a bowl of mashed potatoes and a gravy boat

The Baked Squash or Glazed Carrots

What would Thanksgiving be without that bright orange color of yummy glazed carrots or warm, baked butternut squash on the table?

There are many tasty ways you could infuse this dish, depending on whether or not you want a sweet or a savory flavor:

  1. I’m a sweets girl, so my favorite way would be to top the carrots or squash with cannabis sugar or even cannabis brown sugar.
  2. But nothing is better than sugar mixed with butter so I may also top with cannabutter as well.
  3. If savory flavors are your prefernece, feel free to sprinkle that ground, decarbed cannabis flower or kief over the final dish.
A piece of white parchment paper with three squash halves

Green Bean Casserole

My favorite Thanksgiving dish and I am picky about this one too, only my husband’s green bean casserole will do. How would we infuse this?

  1. Chef Phil says he would also make a roux with cannabutter here for the mushroom base as his prefereed infusion method
  2. Sprinkle with ground, decarbed cannabis.

Deviled Eggs

Did you know 53% of Americans serve deviled eggs on Thanksgiving?

They are the perfect appetizer to enjoy before the big meal, and they are easily infused with several different infusion methods including decarbed cannabis.

Cannabis Deviled Eggs

Cannabis Deviled Eggs with Avocado & Hemp

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Cranberry Sauce

I don’t know about you, but there are always two bowls of cranberry sauce on my kitchen table: a canned version and a homemade version. Everyone just loves both options, and it’s nice to enjoy each.

While you may not be able to infuse canned cranberry unless you dust some cannabis sugar on top, it is very easy to infuse homemade cranberry sauce.

Just swap cranberries for the mixed berries called for in this recipe and learn how to infuse with either cannabis sugar or a cannabis tincture like the Green dragon or Golden dragon.

Cannabis Berry Chia Compote

Cannabis Berry Chia Compote

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Pumpkin Pie

It’s just not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie! And there are many different ways to infuse this classic staple.

  1. Use cannabutter or cannabis coconut oil if you’re making a homemade pie crust
  2. Add cannabis concentrates to the butter or oil used in the crust
  3. Add decarbed cannabis or kief directly to the pumpkin pie spice
  4. Use white or brown cannabis sugar in the mix
  5. Use cannabis-infused heavy cream in the mix
  6. Use cannabis-infused heavy cream to make a homemade whipped cream
A white table with several pieces of pumpkin pie

Apple Pie

Just like the pumpkin pie above, there are SO many different ways to infuse an apple pie!

  1. Use cannabutter or coconut oil to make a homemade pie crust
  2. Add cannabis concentrates to the butter or oil used in the crust
  3. Use white or brown cannabis sugar in the mix
  4. Use cannabis-infused heavy cream in the mix
  5. Use cannabis-infused heavy cream to make a homemade whipped cream
A white plate topped with a slice of cannabis apple pie

Classic Cannabis Apple Pie

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A classic homemade cannabis apple pie with either store-bought or homemade crust and many infusion options including cannabis sugar, cannabutter, cannabis coconut oil, and/or cannabis concentrates.
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The Decor

As we all know, the cannabis plant is so beautiful, and she can make quite the statement on your Thanksgiving table. Use fan leaves to decorate each place setting, or make a beautiful centerpiece.

A pumpkin on a plate with flowers coming out the top to create a cannabis fall centerpiece

How To Create A Cannabis Fall Centerpiece

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Have A Safe Thanksgiving

As mentioned before, don’t feel like you need to infuse everything on your Thanksgiving table. Pick a few key items and dose accordingly. Make sure you know the tolerance levels of your guests and keep that in mind.

A cannabis-infused Thanksgiving should be enjoyed by all, and that means staying safe and not overdoing it.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! And if you’re looking for a cannabis family to keep you company this holiday season, be sure to check out the Well With Cannabis Community.

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