Clean Eating + CBD Guide

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CBD can be integrated with a clean-eating lifestyle to help manage inflammation and many other health benefits. If you’re new to using CBD to support your health, consult this guide to help you get started.

Clean Eating CBD Guide

Clean Eating + CBD = A Perfect Pair

Can cannabis consumption be integrated with a healthy, clean eating lifestyle?

Speaking from the perspective of a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, the answer is YES!

Cannabis and clean eating truly are a perfect pair!

I teach my Cannabis Compass Course students how to use cannabis and CBD to manage inflammation, immune health, digestive health, preventative health, and more.

If you’re new to using cannabis to support your health and wellness, this How to Use CBD Oil Guide will help you get started.

And for more help with implementing a clean eating lifestyle, be sure to check out my brand new 4th cookbook, the Clean Eating Meal Prep Cookbook.

Why So Many People Are Turning to Natural Alternatives

Science continues to show us that many lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and certain heart diseases, can be treated, and many times reversed through proper nutrition, exercise, and natural alternatives.

Clean eating and CBD or cannabis use go hand in hand. The most amazing part about CBD or cannabis use is that it is a natural alternative with very few side-effects.

For many people, choosing a holistic approach to health care is much better for their overall mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Heavy OTC and prescription medication use are common these days.

While they work well for some people, many find that they cause several unwanted side effects such as digestive issues, inflammation, and more.

Many of my Cannabis Compass Course students previously experienced long term medication use.

They reported that the pills never really fixed the underlying problems but rather covered it up like a bandaid.

That’s what led them to try cannabis as an alternative treatment.

A holistic lifestyle focused on implementing clean, healthy eating, joyful exercise, and natural medicine alternatives can not only stop symptoms but may actually cure the issue by addressing the root cause of the problem.

Choosing to use a natural, clean product like full-spectrum CBD oil for inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, etc. may be the best decision you can make for yourself and your health.

Clean Eating + Cannabis Consumption

When using natural alternatives like cannabis to manage health conditions, it is imperative to combine it with clean eating and an active, healthy lifestyle.

The food that we put into our body not only affects the number on the scale, but it also affects our mood, energy levels, concentration, sleep, skin, and overall well being.

Clean foods are commonly defined as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and certain meats and dairy products. Clean foods have very little to 1 ingredient listed.

Clean foods can come fresh, frozen, or canned.

Our bodies are able to break down and use clean foods much easier than processed foods. V

itamins and minerals are also much more bioavailable in clean foods when compared to processed foods. Processed foods that contain many ingredients are foreign to our bodies, creating many complications when digestion takes place.

To be specific, problems like bloating, uncomfortability, fatigue, constipation, etc… Also, when processed foods are eaten daily this then causes even more problems that eventually can lead to diseases such as heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, the list goes on.

Processed foods are also many times stripped from their natural vitamins and minerals that you find in clean whole foods.

This then causes malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies which can lead to brittle hair and nails, loss of hair, loss of energy, insomnia, skin problems, neural damage, memory loss, etc… 

It is however very important when buying foods are frozen or canned to check for any added ingredients, such as salt, sugar, or preservatives that would take away from the “clean” part of it.

For example, if purchasing a frozen “processed” vegetable such as cauliflower rice, if the ingredient only listed is cauliflower, then that is a clean frozen food. However, if there are other ingredients such as salt, xanthan gum, or preservatives, then it is best to stay away. 

Why CBD Works With Clean Eating

CBD works because the human body contains what is known as an endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is proven to help with homeostasis in the body by acting as a balancing mechanism with other body systems such as circulatory, nervous, and digestive systems.

Clean eating is also proven to help with homeostasis in the body. CBD are organic compounds found within the hemp plant that interact with endocannabinoid receptors in the human body and trigger a variety of effects.

With a clean digestive tract, your body will be much more capable of breaking down CBD and using its amazing components to help with your problem. 

This explains further into why pairing CBD with clean eating foods is important for best results. A diet heavy in processed foods will decrease, if not totally diminish all the benefits from the CBD because of its interference.

Remember we are trying to fix the root of the problem. You will only fix the root of your problem by healing yourself from the inside out, and that is accomplished through feeding your body healthy and clean nutrients from whole foods, supplementing with natural alternative medicine, and incorporating daily movement into your lifestyle. 

When CBD is paired with clean eating and a healthy lifestyle, the benefits are endless.

After implementing these three things, many people report benefits such as weight loss, clearer skin, better focus, better sleep, more energy, less bloating, less anxiety, better moods, and so much more.

This natural and organic combination really is life changing by giving you a happier, healthier life.

CBD is also great to add into many recipes such as smoothies, dressings, lattes, and more.

If you are interested in learning more clean recipes to integrate with CBD, check out my blog, where I have written many delicious, clean eating CBD recipes that will help you add more clean food and CBD into your weekly meals! 

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